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If a person were to evaluate the psychological differences between The Riddler and The Joker, how would they determine which was the greater menace?

Asked by rangerr (15748points) April 6th, 2010

From the entire Batman universe.

Which villain is a more of a threat to Batman?
Ignoring the fact that he kicks their ass.

The Riddler is more intelligent, but The Joker can fight.
The Riddler hardly uses his intelligence outside of throwing Batman off with riddles.
The Joker seems to live to kill, while The Riddler doesn’t seem to have emotion about killing.
The Joker makes traps and roadblocks for Batman.
The Joke is a psychopath, while The Riddler is a bit OCD.
The Joker LIKES that he is a villain.
The Riddler is actually afraid of himself, but he can’t seem to stop it.
The Joker is fierce. He knows what he wants to do and will stop at nothing to commit the crime that he is set out to do.
But The Riddler also is a bit more sane than The Joker. If he makes a plan, he sticks to it and doesn’t improvise at the last minute.
The Riddler is challenging, while The Joker is ruthless.
I honestly don’t know if I can decide.

Help me out, Fluther.
Who do you think?

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Joker. There’s more movies of him. He is more classic.

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Totally the Joker. Gotta appreciate a sense of humor, even from an enemy.

Why so serious?

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Wouldn’t answering this be admitting that you have no taste in cinema?

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@DarkScribe @Lightning Top line. Not just from the movies. From the entire DC universe.

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@rangerr Top line. Not just from the movies. From the entire DC universe.

Ok, I’ll add to it.

Wouldn’t answering this be admitting that you have no taste in either cinema or literature?

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@DarkScribe Well.. if you don’t agree with the topic, then why bother posting at all?

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@rangerr DarkScribe if you don’t agree with the topic, then why bother posting at all?

Perhaps because I have both a sense of humour and a sense of mischief? I don’t have to agree with something to have an opinion regarding it. Lighten up.

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The reason the Joker is such a threat to Batman is becuase he is the exact opposite in every single way. Batman can’t comprehend the Joker’s mind, which always leaves him underestimating just how far he will go. The Joker on the other hand knows what makes Batman tick, and he takes advantage of that.

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Joker. granted, I did not read the comics He didn’t care who he killed. I just don’t think the Riddler was as bad.

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I was always more impressed, freaked out by the Riddler.Seems to me this dude has way more charisma & knows how to wield it.

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The Riddler likes to torture Batman with the difficult clues he leaves.
The Joker doesn’t think logically. He is a homicidal performance-artist.

The illogical is always more dangerous. Joker FTW.

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I don’t know. The Joker always disturbed me more because he simply didn’t care. He didn’t do what he did for any concrete reason (i.e., money), he did it simply to create the chaos, pain, and There was no end he was really striving for, he just reveled in it. That, to me, is scary as hell.

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The Joker without a doubt. His ability to deviate from the plan makes him similar to a game of Russian roulette. You know he’s going to go off eventually but you never know when. Batman always has to be prepared for the worst when dealing with The Joker. With The Riddler, Batman has to use his logic to outsmart and catch him where as with The Joker, Batman has to be sharp both mentally and physically.

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I don’t have an answer, but I’m so glad to see that we’re branching out into serious literary criticism. ~

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@CyanoticWasp It does the world good to take a break sometimes from the monotony and evil in the world to have a little guilty pleasure from mindless entertainment. All work and no play makes Jack a dull and psychotic boy.

The Joker ftw.

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@free_fallin I wasn’t being overly critical. Just sayin’.

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The Riddler is all about business.

The Joker is a bastard!

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Joker. He kills people to kill people and is scarily consistent in his morals.

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Morals? The Joker has no morals!

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More often than not, the Joker is depicted as a sadistic sociopath with no moral conscience. He kills for no real reason and takes delight in causing anarchy. Totally unpredictable.

However, The Riddler is obsessed with puzzles, so his crimes (usually motivated by money) are easier to solve/stop because he is predictable.

For these reasons, my vote goes to the Clown Prince of Crime!

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