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What is the most pathetic "non sequitor" you have heard lately?

Asked by bummer (259points) April 7th, 2010

The local and national news sources are reporting the recession must be over because gas prices at the pump are rising.

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Couple of weeks ago. it was reported that the price of gas will be going up big time this summer.
Last week it was announced we will be drilling and doing oil exploration off our east coast.

If I was in business, and you were dependent on my product. I find out you are going in a direction to cut back on buying my product. But it will take time.
I will take that opportunity to jack up the price to adjust for my future loss.

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There are still monkeys so humans can’t be mammals (a creationist during a recent discussion in Kansas).

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I don’t understand the question…...given the follow up comment…..

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A different use of non sequitor
Wikipedia – Non sequitur

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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
@jaytkay your link “cannot be followed”

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@jaytkay your link is fail.

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Petrol is becoming more expensive :. the economy is recovering

This is a non-sequitur because the price of petrol is not an indicator of economic activity. a 1p rise in the price of petrol could even damage economic recovery.

@jaytkay‘s link works just fine?

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I think I fixed my previous link, but in case not:

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“We will fund the research of new cancer medicine by not increasing National Insurance [healthcare tax]
– David Cameron, Conservative Party

This year’s campaign is even more full of it than usual, the theme being “Conservative, Party for Change”.

Pretty oxymoronic suggestion, right?

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Hope Change.

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“audacity of hope” springs to mind for some reason

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‘Real Americans’

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Military intelligence (are oxymorons also nonsequitors?)

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@mattbrowne‘s GA: Maybe I can translate. I believe the point the creationist was trying to get across with “There are still monkeys so humans can’t be mammals.” was overly abbreviated. It may have expanded to something like “Monkeys couldn’t have evolved into humans since there are still monkeys. Your argument is therefore incorrect and humans aren’t monkeys/mammels/etc.” There are all sorts of problems with this statement but they stem from a misunderstanding of evolution and an over-abbreviated response not a lack of logical thought progression.

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@malevolentbutticklish – Thanks for that. Yes, overly abbreviated, that seems to be the problem here.

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