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The best place to download songs from the 50's-60's?

Asked by elhaha1001 (383points) April 7th, 2010

Even though I’m only 18, I’m really in love with the songs of 50’s-60’s. And I become addicted and want to search for some more!

The problem is I can’t find some songs I really want.

Is there really any website which provide free mp3 for oldies in the 50’s-60’s?

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Not legally if they are hit songs. There are many sites that will provide illegal copies.

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If you were a Pirate, I bet you could find those old treasures down at the bay.

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Click onto Chip Curley. Chip is the man in Nashville for all the oldies. his site is fantastic.

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Most public libraries have decent collections of this type of music for your listening enjoyment.

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I’d second the library option. I just picked up a box set of John Coltrane.

njnyjobs's avatar offers 45 Free downloads during the trial membership period.

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You’re in luck because oldies compilations are very cheap to buy.
Go to the record shop and pick up big compilations of oldies for £2–8 (US$3–12).
it’s worth doing because you’ll also get to hear loads of other tracks you aint heard yet.

What kinda stuff you like best?
My favs are Northern Soul (like Motown, all praise be to Holland-Dozier-Holland), a bit of Southern Soul (Otis will never die), R&B which is like rock’n’roll but better (probably because it’s black), ska & reggae – straight outta the Caribbean please, no imitations and only respectful tributes accepted.

But then you also got the amazing ‘white’ music coming out of England: Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Yardbirds, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, The Who to name a few of the big ones.
Also, all incredible.

btw you’re missing out on the 70s.

EDIT: Oh, and,

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Illegal: Limewire

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@The_Idler buy? I live in Indonesia.. really hard to find them.. T.T.
Yeah I really like soul music and rocknroll. Both of them are the best!
70’s are ok, but starting from mid 70’s till the 80’s just suck.. It’s like there is no soul and it’s just felt so old.

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Believe it or not, Youtube has some great selections. I’ve downloaded several myself. You can save the video as an mp3 on

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