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Why does "half a century" sound longer than "50 years"?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) April 12th, 2010

And why does “half a foot” sound taller than “6 inches”? Things like that….

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Because a century is 100 years and a foot is 12 inches. They are bigger quantities than the latter in each of your examples, and that is what you hear.

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Well, I much prefer to say I am 50, than I am a half century! Sheesh….lol

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Four decades plus nine?

Two quarter centuries even?

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For the same reason ‘four score and seven’ sounds better than 87. It is exotic and therefore has more resonance.

—It is also why I can go into my local McD and get 6 chicken nuggets but not half a dozen—

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More syllables.
I didn’t ever learn to count them properly. I think it’s 5 syllables versus 3.

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Because hearing the word century puts the number 100 in your mind.

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But half a century is longer than fifty years. Anyone knows that! :-J

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My guess is because the reference points used are not equitable. Even though the quantities come first (half of; 50), the brain can’t “do” anything with those quantities until it knows what they refer to. Therefore, since “century” is a longer measurement than “year” is, half century sounds longer than 50 years.

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I think it’s because we perceive 50 years as within the normal range of a human lifespan. And a full 100 years was something unattainable, a far-fetched dream. To live for a century or more is not something most humans are not used to—yet.

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They sound the same to me.

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Because the word “century” sounds longer/greater than the word “years”.

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Because a century sounds alot like a millenia (too long for most people to relate to).

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