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How do you think time exists?

Asked by Sisyphus (131points) December 19th, 2010

There are a lot of different ways to think about time: from a four dimensional perspective, a more traditional view of linear time, and some even say time doesn’t exist at all.

I don’t really have a consistent (or at least not fully developed) idea of time but it’s one of those fun things to think about. I like to think that time is the gradual expansion of the totality of facts; that the past is absolutely determined and the future is open (and possibly indeterminable).

What does everyone think about time?

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time could be a holographic delusion…that does and doesn’t exist simultaneously

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Ha! At my age, I know damned well it does.

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Well, it doesn’t exist independently. It’s part of spacetime. You can’t have time without space or vice versa.

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We experience time like the playing of a CD, one instant after another and yet when the music has finished it is still all there on the CD. That is my best analogy for Time. Nothing is lost.

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Time is temporal and exist but not for all,

Time belong to those who can only see beginnings and endings for they exist merely for a time..

There are those who see beyond time and they belong there.

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I think time only exists for those that have a beginning and an ending. Once we leave this life time will no longer be a limitation on us.

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Okay, these are all pretty interesting answers, although I don’t see how a conscious entity which interacts with time in a fairly standard way, such as humans, can be said to transcend time. Do you mean that our consciousnesses will become ‘timeless’ in the sense that they have no beginning or end and can ‘move’ freely through time like over a spatial plane? Or do you mean that the aggregate of our experience will exist eternally in time (extending through it, rather than enduring it) but that we will after ‘the time’ of our own deaths no longer be conscious entities?

It seems to me that the nature of our perception of time must inevitably mean there is something to explain, even if it is simply a synthetic concept and not reflective of the actuality of time. There is still something to explain, even if it is the disjunction between the ‘forward’ motion of the perception of time and the eternal all at once objectivity of symmetrical time.

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I believe (this is a belief not a reality) that in our next life or our spiritual one we have always existed and will always exist. At that point in our existance after living this mortal one then time will no longer be a limitation. I believe everything will be happening at once and you can explore and visit any Time there will ever be in an instant.

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@Sisyphus We are consciousness, whose origin is the timeless.

We are suspending in time so as to awaken our consciousness to our true selves.
This would occur when we indeed realize our eternal nature.

This realization also shows to us Life in all its perfection, now with that knowledge gleaned within time, we would ascend unto Life so as to be it ourselves.

If no such realisation comes then death is inevitable, and this death is also without the realm of time.

Death is worthless unto its ownself, but useful unto Life. which it is usds to achieve Life’s good purpose.

The realisation of Life comes when one give his time unto Life itself, namely loving their neighbor as their ownselves.

And since one is tried by His own self, none can trick the system. So He is justified of himself or condemned of himself. by that each choose his own destiny which actually is also their origin from beginning.

Be it Life or Death.

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Time is the “distance” between events. If it did not exist, then nobody would perceive events. There would only be one instantaneous event, and then nothing. Or one continuous event that never seemed to change.

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As an infinitely divisible single instance.

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I is Higgs Boson. All your base are belong to us. You have no chance to survive. Make your time. Here are proof.

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Universally, not relatively.

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Time is the 4th dimension. matter moves through 3 dimensions (i’m not getting into the other 8 possible ones) forward and backward, up and down, and left to right. and through the fourth dimension time.

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