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What's the difference, for you, between "bravery" and "courage"?

Asked by msbauer (420points) April 13th, 2010

Do they mean the same or different things?
Used in different contexts?
Used for different kinds of people?
Any linguists out there?

…what are your thoughts?

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I think courage is a quality a person possesses, wheras bravery usually relates to a specific action.

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For me bravery is a more specific form of courage, or courage is a more general form of bravery. :)

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Well, wikipedia redirects bravery to the article on courage, so I guess they are the same thing.

In all actuality, I think of bravery as a specific instance or act, and I associate courage with a quality or characteristic.

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Dorothy displayed bravery in overcoming her demons.Whereas the lion alone lacked, but ultimately gained courage.

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It don’t think there is much of a difference really, perhaps bravery is more physical and courage is more mental.

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Courage is shown when you do something even though you are shitting your pants with fear.

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Bravery is eating meatloaf…courage is eating meatloaf again.

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Bravery is doing the right thing eventhough you are frightened to death. Courage is following through on your commitments.

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Courage is what propels you forward into an act of bravery. I might add that being brave doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear. It means you do the right thing in spite of fear.

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@Ron_C Excellent answer.

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I don’t know. I have no physical bravery or courage. I’m more of a run like hell kind of guy. To me, they both look like Valhalla.

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