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It seems as though small dogs are lately more popular than big dogs. Why?

Asked by 28lorelei (2514points) April 15th, 2010

On one hand, big dogs are great, but if you’re living in the city, they can be a problem. Which one would you rather get if you were to get a dog or have one?

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My sister just had to put down my Dalmatian a few months ago. He was 16 and a half. Great dog.

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I tend to favor shepherd breeds or shepherd mixes. I grew up with a German shepherd-Collie mix, and I now have shelter puppy who is an Aussie shepherd mix. She looks like she has some Rottweiler in the mix as well.

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I have two Lhasa apsos. Small dogs but with a large personality.
My friends have three great danes, again they have a good personality.
I like all dogs, but I suppose it would be up to each individual to select the right dog for themselves.

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It is unfair to keep a large dog in an apartment unless you are very active and can go running with your dog to give it exercise. With small dogs you can play fetch in an apartment on rainy days. Plus you can train them to go on a pad. You can with a large dog but that has to be one huge pad.
Plus in today’s economy, I think small dogs are just less expensive to feed.

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Obviously small dogs are popular because its kind of like a social status item. If you have a small dog, you have some money. America is obsessed with “designers”, and small dogs are like having designer puppies :P (Paris Hilton, anyone?)
Or you have a small dog because you live somewhere without a yard like a lot of people in cities do. Big dogs require a lot of activity.

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My next door neighbor has a pair of Golden retriever “pups” at 5 months old they are already the size of small ponies! They are great oafs and thunder about knocking things off shelves and tables and whatnot. Probably a vote for smaller breeds until they get older and mellow out. They are the sweetest dogs though. Just big.

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Big. Go big or go home. I like big dogs. I hate the wat little dogs bark. it grnds on my nerves. Its a yip yip sound.

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Basically, I don’t think your assertion is true:

“However among the top 50 breeds of dog the Hunting or large breed non-companion dogs still outnumber the smaller companion breeds in terms of numbers of dogs AKC registered each year(1). Additionally, within the top ten dogs registered each year positions 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 as well as part of 8 (Standard Poodles) are held by working, hunting, or large non-companion breeds (for year 2005)(1).” From Wikipedia

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Like @meagan said, smaller dogs have recently had a boost in popularity due to the amount of famous people pictured with Chihuahua’s, Yorkie’s etc under their arm or stuffed in a handbag. They have the cute factor and, unfortunately, it has become a status symbol amongst certain people. However, like me, plenty of people have smaller dogs because they don’t have the space for a big dog. Most of my favourite breeds are bigger and so if I had the choice and was able to accomodate one I would love a bigger dog, German Shepherds and Rottweilers being my first choice.

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@Leanne1986 Yes I know what you are saying about smaller dogs. I have two Lhasa apsos (not as a status symbol, but because I like the breed).
When I am out walking my dogs I am continually greeted with ‘Oh what a cute dog’ ‘my daughter would love to dress her up’ ‘Does she have any clothes’ etc etc. The list goes n and on.
It isn’t fair on the dogs. Buy a fluffy toy dog if that is how you wish to treat them.

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@partyparty People that dress their dogs in little outfits (other than coats to keep warm) really irritate me.

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@Leanne1986 Yes I agree. Some people seem to forget they are animals, not playthings.

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@partyparty Well if theyre animals, maybe they should be outside ;P

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The reason my hubby won’t let me consider a big dog is because their poop is so big.

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@Judi Yes I can understand that. Who would volunteer to pick the mess up LOLL

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@Leanne1986 Too true about clothes on animals. The only thing I dress my dog in is her winter sweaters. We keep her mostly shaved because she sheds worse than a cat, but I hate to see her cold in cooler weather, so she has a few sweaters that she loves to snuggle down in.

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I have a small dog. One of the reasons is because some of the smaller breeds don’t have dog dander because of their hair type like mine. I have a maltese. Poodles and a few other small dogs are great for those who suffer allergies from dog dander, which are dogs that grow a winter coat. Also most dogs that are large die much younger. I think a Bull mastiffs life span is like 5 to 7 years. Where some small dogs live 13–20 years. I knew someone in japan who had a 23 year old Yorkie. When I saw her and another one I thought she was a puppy at 23. She was already a great grandmother.
Of course life span has a lot to do with genes and how one treats their dog.
Also some big dogs come with big slobber.
Don’t get me wrong. I love big dogs as well. Just away from my shoes. Never let a mastiff sniff your shoes. I did and it was a bad idea. Drool everywhere. LOL
Many large breeds are very sweet and some are just cool, like dalmations, setters,

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The good thing about big dogs are the big poops. Much easier to find so no accidental landmining whilest in bare feet in the yard. (IED) Invisible Excrement Dropping

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