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What do people think of the eruption in Iceland?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6612points) April 15th, 2010

Have any of Fluthers seen the new on CNN and BBC?, there’s been a volcano eruption here and they have cancelled most of the north-Europe flights!!!

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That sucks.

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It has postponed my flight to London :( It sucks!

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mother earth is crying out people… take heed…take heed.

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What that slapper Kerry Katona’s had another sprog,in the store itself.Well fancy that.Seriously though it’ll all blow over, the dust cloud that is.

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It sucks for all those travelers who had their flights canceled. I heard that Heathrow basically shut down, which it didn’t even do on 9/11.

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Has Bjork made it out ok?

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Volvanic ash is a problem. I was in Iceland when Hekla erupted. We were safe where we were on base, but blanketed in volcanic ash. It shut down the base for quite awhile. You want to keep it out of moving mechanical parts.

Volcanic ash isn’t smoke, after all.

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@Dr_Dredd , yeah very sad…and my grannie is supposed to fligh back to African on Friday….hope they won’t be cancelled.

@Captain_Fantasy , she doesn’t live here, she lives somewhen in the USA.

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Hopefully everyone is ok.

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@Captain_Fantasy , everyone is ok, but like 800 people who live near the glacier have escaped their homes because there’s a lot of water flowing.

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Who lives in iceland? And a volcano eruption there seems really wierd.

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Iceland got it’s start as a volcano eruption, however many thousands of years ago.

There are many active volcanos there today.

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@slick44 There’s nothing wierd about it. Volcanos are everywhere and many are active. This is Iceland’s second eruption in one month.

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It’s been a clear, slightly hazy day, here in the UK.
And no vapour trails or noise above.

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@Pretty_Lilly or some whiney crying bleeding heart liberals to yell at the volcano for releasing greenhouse gasses and contributing to global warming.

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@slick: 360K people live there. It’s been lived in by human beings since about the year 900.
I read the NYTimes articles. This eruption is not such a bad problem; but when this volcano erupts, a bigger one called Katla has always erupted next, and Katla is a big deal. When Katla erupted in l784 or something like that, almost everyone in Iceland died – you can’t breathe the air, your house is covered in lava or is flooded out because the glaciers on top of the volcanoes melt from the sudden heat and the water sweeps out to sea taking your house with it, and your animals die from breathing in the ash. Worse than that, for those of us, like you @slick, who believe Icelanders don’t really count, the sun was blotted out for a couple of years, enough that people all over Europe and Russia starved to death because there was no summer, therefore no food was grown.
And when Pinatubo, a volcano in Indonesia, erupted in the l9th century, the ash cloud made the following winter so cold that the Misssissippi froze as far south as New Orleans.
Let’s have a little respect.

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This volcano started erupting a month ago. Don’t go on as though it has just happened now.

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@beautifulbobby193 , that was the first one, but yesterday there was another one, much bigger….don’t you see the news or sum

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@susanc… First of all i never said iceland didn’t count. Wherever there is human lose it is a tragedy, I just find a volcano in iceland wierd. You have a little respect. I never disrespected anyone. Get your story straight.

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When i said who lives in iceland, i was being serious!

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The Icelanders are used to this, It happens about once a decade there. You definitely don’t want volcanic ash in your jet turbine though.

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From a scientific standpoint I’m excited. We have so much new technology to use and learn from. I’m scared for the people, the homes, the loss of income and the fear. From an artist’s standpoint I’m excited for the chance to get some great HD footage.

So, excited, feeling guilty for feeling excited, and anticipatory (is that a word?).

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@Captain_Fantasy I’m so not worried about Bjork. She’d probably want to go a round or two with any volcano that got in her way.
That said, I tried to get Iceland as a duty station but it never happened. It’s a tough place to get into, and the Icelanders are really strict about who can live out in their economy. I wish that my orders had come when there was an opening, I’d love to see that place.

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@slick44 How is asking who lives in Iceland a serious question? Do you want all names? Or do you want to know what kind of people live there? You have to elaborate. And why is Iceland a wierd place for a volcano?

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I have a friend from Iceland who did a few years of medical training in the U.S. When she went back home, she said that if we wanted to contact her, just call an operator in Reykjavik and ask for “Meredith who is a doctor.” Apparently, the population is small enough that they can do that!

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….and tonight,.. the stars are all still.

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Waiting to see who blames it on Barack Obama.

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@Dr_Dredd: There are very few names in Iceland and people all know who they’re related to, which is almost everybody else (at least in a distant way). The fact that your friend’s first name is “Meredith” makes her stand out a lot in the first place. What a community!

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@Blackberry .. It was a serious ques. and no i dont want names. I think maybe wierd was a bad choice of words. how about unusual, it looks unusual to me. a volcano in the middle of what looks like nowhere but snow and ice. Is that better?

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@Blackberry@Kauroinen thinks its great. why dont you guys jump on her? i never said it was a good thing.

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@Jeruba I remember a crazy liberal blaming bush for Hurrican Katrina. I mean literally blaming him for the hurricane. Not criticizing his response afterwards but blaming him for causing the actual hurricane. Maybe its liberals who are likely to blame a president for natural disasters.

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Wonderful how professionally the authorities handle the situation. Safety first ! Thank you science.

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@slick44 It’s all good I understand now, you just aren’t aware of basic geology.

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@Blackberry you no what, im just gonna leave it at that.

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@slick44 Don’t leave it there, take it here:
^^b lol.

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@Blackberry, you have my vote for Decency and Patience.
@slick44, I’m sorry, I read a tone in your questions that annoyed me, but maybe that was my fault. Will an apology (this one) help?
Did you get the information you say you wanted? Who lives in Iceland – told you something about that. With regard to volcanoes, they form where tectonic plates collide or slide over and under each other, and this happens in lots of places, it’s not confined to the tropics. For example, in 1980 a volcano in Washington State blew up and ash drifted all the way to New Hampshire. Mt. Saint Helens. You could read about that if you feel like it.

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The way I understood @slick44‘s question was who on Fluther lives in Iceland. I don’t think it was a question asking for a phone book listing.

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