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Has anyone lived in Newcastle Upon Tyne?

Asked by Tobotron (1313points) April 17th, 2010

I need the collectives advice, I’m thinking of moving up north (England) to escape the mad congestion of London and its inflated prices.

Has anyone got first had experience of Newcastle and can give me advice on living there and graduate opportunities!? I see the city has had huge regeneration over recent years, help please.

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i know it doesn’t answer your question exactly, but I’d suggest Manchester before Newcastle – there’s plenty going on there and it won’t feel like too much of a culture shock. Newcastle’s still pretty rough too.


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Another vote for Manchester if that’s an option. I don’t know Newcastle-on-Tyne currently, but I know Manchester is a great city to be a student in.

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I’m not far from there,i’m no geordie though to clarify.Newcastle is a great vibrant city i’d reccomend it highly if that’s what you want.

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I’ve heard great things about Newcastle, from friends who went to Uni there and lived there afterwards, got a couple of them deciding to live there permanently after uni they loved it so much. It was a bit rough though, in Uni apparently they beat up people with London (Southern) accents in freshers week…
Manchester is good in my opinion, though a lot of people think its a bit grubby, not at all nice like London.

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thanks for your answers from looking into it all today Manchester…your right…does seem to be a great place to be. I am looking from the eyes of a graduate however, not every fun city is a good one to work in eg. Portsmouth where I studies not a job in sight!

@TheOnlyException I would have to say London is pretty grubby, I’m from Essex and go there a fair bit and its one dirty place! Very over-rated in my opinion.

@EdMayhew I used to work in Siberia 2 years running so not too worried about the culture shock that’s half the fun of it but Manchester’s ratings, culture, and track record are great, thanks for the pointers.

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@Tobotron Yeah, see I didn’t see much difference between Manchester and London in ‘grubbiness’, I thought it was quite nice actually :) Even though I have lived in London all my life.
Guess it is a matter of opinion and what people are used to.

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I am currently a student living in Newcastle and am coming to the end of my degree. I have found a fair number jobs to apply for (studying marine biology) however am yet to be accepted on a position although I do have another interview coming up of which I am very hopeful for although I have no idea about your area of expertise.
as a place to live Newcastle is great, transport links are fantastic with the metro running all the way out to the coast. The city centre has everything you need with all different types of night out ranging from the Jazz cafe to World heaquarters (who regularly hold charity based music nights of most genrea) and Digital which apparently has one of the top 15 permanent sound systems in a club in Europe.
I love Newcastle. It can get very windy at times however there is not as much rain as the west coast apparently.
If you do move up the student area to live is in Jesmond, rent prices here are alot higher than the rest of the city and personally I dont think that it is really worth it. If you are a graduate heaton, fenham or gosforth are probably the better places to live close to the city centre however due to the metro you can live pretty far out of the city centre and still have excellent links into town (as long as you live towards the east of the city as the metro doesnt run very far west)
If you dont have a car however and want to live in the city centre you may have to rely on internet supermarkey shopping as most supermarkets are outside the centre with the closest big one being the Morrisons at Byker. however granger market in the city centre is the best place to buy meat and veg by far with excellent deals. up to half the price you would pay for the same quality in a supermarket.
driving in the city is horrendous (as with most cities) with extremely confusing road networks however once you are out of the main city area driving is fine.
if you want to check out the kind of houseprices up here I would reccomment using there are plenty of places to live however a distrinct shortage of 1 bed flats however you are sure to find plenty of houseshares if thats your thing.
wow i didnt realise that I had written this much. I do love newcastle though!

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