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Is it true that you are what you eat?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) April 17th, 2010

Since i had neck surgery, about three weeks ago, my appettite for food has all but vanished. i just hit the scales and discovered i have lost 15 pounds! this is a good thing. my intake of calories has been about 750 a day and maybe this explains my weight lose. Question: is it true that you are what you eat?

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If that’s the case then currently i’m a chicken sandwich.Buc buc buc bucee!!

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I hope not. If you keep this up you will be a thin mint.

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Yes, what you eat can have an effect on your body. That is why diet is critical for diabetics or people with high cholesterol.

By changing my diet, I was able to eliminate several of my medications.

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What’s new Pussycat?

(Ask Tom Jones)

Pussycat, Pussycat
You’re so thrilling
And I’m so willing…

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DarkScribe, Tom Jones, the “packer”??

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@john65pennington Tom Jones, the “packer”??

That is a new one on me. Not at all sure. Not an area where my primary interests lie I suspect. (But he must be packing something that attracts the ladies.)

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750 calories a day will make you disappear!
Where are you Johnnnnnnnnnn??????

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DarkScribe. this was an old Tom Jones joke going around years ago that he was the “packer” to make himself more appealing to the ladies while on stage in Vegas. ever heard of this?

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@john65pennington to make himself more appealing to the ladies while on stage in Vegas.

With you now. (Although I thought that was Mick Jagger – after reading some of Marianne Faithful’s memoirs.)

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DarkScribe. i remember that about Mick Jagger. glad we are now on the same page.

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@john65pennington Is that healthy to only eat 750 calories in a day???

Also if you hardly eat anything at all, you will be hardly anything ;)

seriously though john little worried about ya here man…..only 750?

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Steve, new announcement. i just completed eating four waffles. i guess this just blew my 750 calories a day theory all to______!

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@john65pennington lol… That is good news sir! :)

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@john65pennington: Glad you stopped waffling around. But how about a balance once you regain your health? A waffle is essentially fried white flour and eggs.

I am delighted that the surgery is behind you, that you are starting to feel better, and that it was, I hope, successful.

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Most definitely. Food can be a pretty amazing thing when people stop mucking around with it. By eating healthy and real food, the kind that your body needs, you can cure many illnesses. Plus, remember the dude that ate McDonald’s for 30 days? His doctors were telling him he would flat out die if he didn’t stop, because his organs were shutting down. Diet can affect your mood, your appearance, your energy level, and yes even your skin regardless of what doctors say. It is quite a true statement.

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Out of making reflective analogies through health factors, then perhaps so, but otherwise, I hope I’m a little sexier looking than a pizza pop and a mug of beer.

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