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What exercises are there that target this particular area (details)?

Asked by likipie (1459points) April 26th, 2012

My mother is always obsessing about how fat her neck is and how she’s got a double chin and everything (neither of which are true). So I was wondering if there were any exercises that she could do to trim up her neck and make her feel better about herself. I know there’s not much one can do with their head, but there has to be something right?

P.S. She’s not into surgery or anything so I would appreciate it if those comments were left out. Thank you!

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Jumping rope?

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I don’t think there are any exercises for that specific area. I hope I’m proven wrong by another jelly.

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@Sunny2 is right. Spot reduction through targeted exercises is a myth. If she wants to reduce her neck fat, she is going to have to do cardio and eat right to reduce her overall body fat.

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Losing weight will get rid of the fat. Doing facial push ups, ie tensing the muscles of the neck and throat (you can instinctively discover these by making ugly facial gestures) will tone the muscles. It will take about 90 days to see results, just like any muscular exercise.

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As the above all stated: There is no exercise that will reduce, lift or tighten the neck.

If this is a heretic condition (like turkey neck, jowls, or double chins), she may want to look into Ultherapy.

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I agree with people above, she needs to lose wait if she is overweight. If she is not overweight, and it is just skin, she can try a laser treatment that tightens up the skin.

Working an area of the body will affect the muscle in that area, but not the fat. People can have very tone muscles, be very strong, or have a lot of stamina in that muscle, and still have a lot of fat on top of the muscle. Fat is only reduced by burning more calories than you take in. Generally fat comes off the body all over, but most people tend to hold more fat in some areas. Might be the hips, might be the stomach, can be other areas.

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I would try some endurance exercises
You should have a look for jumping exercises. For example: Seal Jacks or Jumping Jacks or Punches. Use your arms to activate the neck and traps!

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