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What food is good for a runners diet?

Asked by MetroGnome217 (311points) April 17th, 2010


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Fruits and vegetables. And drink enough water.

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A well balanced one like anyone else but with healthy carbs for energy before exercise.

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Runner beans? No joghurt..oh you know carbs & plenty of them.

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get some protein to help build those muscles (lean protein preferably like poultry or soy products)...fruits/veggies blah blah…no energy bars, gross gross and bad for you!

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Carb loading the night before. Fluids with the proper electrolyte balance during the run. Since I participate in Winter Biathlon, I use cigarettes to steady my nerves before the shooting stages (an old European custom, now discredited).

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water, carbs, veggies, water, fruit, protein, oh did I mention water?

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I am fond of carb-loading myself.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land For those that smoke anyways, you’ll probably need a stick or two before you do anything that requires non-shaking hands. Then again, half the guys in the Navy had at least two cigs during the 1–½ mile run portion of the PRT.

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What sort of runner? Sprint or long distance? In a marathon you need to car load – with a sprinter you just need to eat healthy – a carb load will slow you.

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Not one lurve on this thread. That means either we’re all wrong or people are just being stingy with the lurve. I think we mentioned every food group. LOL

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