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According to fluther, is a speedo ever passable? If so, what condition do you have to be in?

Asked by skwerl88 (532points) March 10th, 2008

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You must be:

a) European, or
b) a real swimmer, diver or water polo player.

That is all.

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is it acceptable even then? I mean, even from the wearers perspective, how would it NOT be painful?
You’re basically flashing your penis with some color at everyone who sees you.

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I’m a slender(skinny) fit muscular male. And the only situation that one would look good under is darkness.

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…. its not painful for ‘em unless its a racing speedo.
Which is different from a practice suit.

I was on an olympic level swim team for a long long time until I destroyed my shoulders.
And unless the guy is hard/semi-hard you can’t really tell anything from it unless they’re wearing an absurdly thin suit.

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To me, guys in speedos is the equivalent of girls wearing bikinis. I see no difference in their riduculousness.

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never ever ever ever ever. Unless you are swimming competitively. And then only if everyone in the stands and watching on tv are wearing blindfolds.

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favorite descriptions: banana hammock, grape smugglers, nutsack napsack, thing sling.

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@patty: how about ‘betrayal of trust’?

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Well done eyeofnyc. I’m not sure if we are thinking the same thing but that was funny.

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Not sure if my perspective is any different, but I have to say I love a nice fit man in a speedo or square cut. I mean, I would not be caught dead in one. I know for a fact that this body (mine) can not pull it off even if I paid someone. But a ripped body, endowed well enough to fill out the speedo, for sure, there are people who can pull it off.

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@noon: Youre making me miss my partner. ;)

As I said earlier, a Speedo is like a driver’s license. It is a priveledge not a right and if abused should be confiscated.

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No!!!! Unless you are an honest to god Olympian who has to do so to cut time.

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If not abused, it should be confiscated, along with the wearer.. <.<

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Anyone who has the self-confidence to wear a Speedo in public ought to do so and be proud.

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Check out the scene in Borat where Sasha B- Cohen is wearing his sling.

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