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Care to talk about depleted uranium?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) April 20th, 2010

A band that I listen to has a really cool song about depleted uranium. I just wanted to get some more information about it.

What is it? Where does it come from? Why is it so harmful? Is this deja vu from Agent Orange in vietnam?

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The fact that they are radioactive projectiles speaks for itself. There’s a lot of the stuff lying around in the middle east as a result of the 1st Iraq invasion.
Depleted, but still radioactive.

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All that talk about radiation sickness and cancer, and birth defects from depleted uranium munitions is crazy conspiracy theory talk. DU is actually good for you. Didn’t you see the Hulk?

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if you can not rule the land, burn it and salt the ashes

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A little more information would be helpful…

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The military introduced a lot of it into our state, denied that they did, and then when tests proved they did, changed their story. Here are some great articles about the stuff, and about this issue in Hawaii:



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This is one of those things you best avoid getting information about. I found a documentary about its use in Iraq a while ago on some website. You can find it if you search for it. Try StumbleUpon’s activist search. And you can enjoy knowing you’re now on at least one more watchlist.

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Gee, as long as it doesn’t cause global warming, I guess it’s okay.

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@zophu Yeah. As long as it’s labeled as a conspiracy theory by the masses, it’ll be okay. Is that why Bush told us not to believe in conspiracy theories? So corporations can continue to * us?

Man, every time I hear about the evil things that people are doing, it makes me think that if there ever is/was a hell, they’re the first ones to go. How can ANYONE justify killing people for money and power?

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@silverfly Yeah, it’s no big deal. But if your internet activity makes you seem to sympathize with certain things, don’t expect it to be easy becoming a successful and influential person in society. So many people in this world, and such a lack of reason in the media; it’s impossible for there not to be some kind of invasive filter.

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@silverfly, I’ll preface this by saying I think you and I are basically on the same page, but if one believes in overpopulation or eugenics or “national security” or world domination to any degree, it’s very easy to justify.

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My understanding is that the actual danger of the stuff is pretty low – except when you get shot with it of course, but it’s not the radiation that’s going to kill you.

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Yeah, can’t have your Heaven on Earth with all this riffraff around. Time for some major cleanup.

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Joyce Riley is an expert on all that, here’s the website.
you can find out everything on Viet Nam, and depleted uranium right there. I have been listening to her since 1994 on Art Bells show.
she helps the vets fight for their good health rights, against our own government buerocracy

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Depleted uranium is not good for soldiers and other living things.

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Depleted uranium is extremely hard and will pass through just about anything at a high velocity. That’s why it’s used for armor piercing rounds.

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Oh yeah. They are making amo with depleted uranium because they are running out of space for it. So, some smart brain out there found a way “let’s blow people up with it!”... and at the same time get rid of the undesirable garbage elsewhere…

That thing is, it is active for thousands of years! Yeah. I have seen the other day on tv about a soldier, I guess in Afghanistan that had a projectile in his skull that did not explode… They were able to get it out —sure that projectile went right away to lab: “why did it not explode” ...

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It would be nice if you knew what the hell you were talking about. : )

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@DocteurAville, there is no such explosive depleted uranium round that would be able to be stuck in someone’s skull.

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Now, that the projectile is explosive “they” will not tell you that. You will be the last one to know when it actually explodes on or near you.

Depleted uranium comes out of nuclear reactors. It is active, if I am not mistaken as I like to use my memory, is active for as much as twenty-five thousand years !

I am so wrong about it. Okay. I will consider that I am wrong about it. Let’s make it only five thousand years. I am wrong on it, alright, lets make it only twenty five hundred years…. hmmmmm. It still is a dangerous substance being I wrong or right.

Now, I am sure of one thing, and I have no proof of it. No need for it: there was a guy out there who figured that, if “we get all this garbage in someone else’s land, that is good for us…” and if “we kiill some bastards in the process —we’re geniuses !! ”

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