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Have you ever finished off a whole box of sweets in one sitting? If so, why?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) April 21st, 2010

I can think of one specific occasion when I ate a whole box of chocolate covered mini-donuts. I was in my young twenties, attending college. Some random professor did something to really tick me off, so I went home, crawled on top my bed, set the box of donuts on my stomach, and popped in my mouth one donut after the other every time I thought about how mad I was at the professor. Before I knew it, the box was empty.

Have you ever used food as a way to deal with or to suppress strong emotions? Or, out of boredom or depression? Substitution for another craving (i.e. sex)?

How frequently do you do this and does it make you feel better or worse?

I’m asking this as I’m finishing off a bag of Pepperidge Farm Milano Orange cookies…

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I can’t eat one without feeling ill. I only like savoury stuff. A whole box would make me violently ill way before I got through it. My wife on the other hand…

Now give me a bag of beef jerky or Biltong, then I can finish the lot.

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Quite a few times.
I just like sweets. I don’t even bother with other reasons. :P

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All the time.

I’m a chocoholic. I admit it.

My husband is amazed at my ability to eat an entire triple chocolate cake in 24 hours.

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I was in Iraq (deployed) and good treats were hard to come by. I ate an ENTIRE box of thin-mint girl scout cookies. They were sooooooooo goood!!!

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Oh yeah just call me candyman, don’t say it three times though not in front of the mirror anyhow.

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No fair!! You have to share any and all cookies while logged on!! The carnage that occurs when I am anywhere near cookies and candy is swift and sure and the bigger the bag the better!

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@Cruiser – <sucking the chocolate crumbs off my fingers> Sorry… they’re all gone =D

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Many, many times. For a range of reasons. It got a lot worse, but is now getting better. I have a huge food problem that I’ve let control me for far too long. Working on it! Though, I still get my fair share of nummy nums .

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Yes. Because they taste good.

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Edited: Woopsie

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Ye, because I’m a greedy pig.

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I can wolf down entire bags of chips in one sitting. Big bags of chips.

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We have See’s Candies here on the left coast. So, hell yeah.
And if you’ve ever had any you would never ask why.

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I take it that food rocks among several of us jellies. But… Why?

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Oh yeah I have, I have finnished off over a quarter of a cake one time.

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When I’m upset, I’ll sit down with a bag of liquorice allsorts and can have the bag finished before I know it. Yeah… food. Sometimes the brand names should be ‘Comfort’, ‘Angst’, ‘Regret’, ‘Self-pity’, ‘Loneliness’.....and the rest.

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I once had a whole large bag of Doritos Cool Ranch (not really considered a sweet, but they are a snack).

I also had 9 Crispy Cream doughnuts in one sitting.

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To me this is an odd question, it’s like asking:
“Have you ever walked all the way from one end of a house to the other?” – sure not every journey is that far, and many are far longer, but it’s certainly nothing notable.

(I do think “serving sizes” are a funny joke though. Not as hilarious as when they were first introduced to the US and a 12 ounce can was two servings, but still they are far smaller than anyone I know (large or small) actually eats with the exception of my 93 year old grandmother.)

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If you count Meiji Chocolate Covered Almonds, absolutely. I do it because they’re so damn good! I restrict myself to no more than a box every two weeks. How do I feel after? like I want to open another box >.>

Things like chips I’ll eat out of boredom. That’s more annoying than anything, simple solution though, I just don’t buy them often.

I don’t eat to fill emotional need or as a substitute for anything, unless you count hunger; food for me just doesn’t work that way.

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I’d eat a whole box of Kit Kats any day! And I have. For stress, venting, emotions, relationships etc. Or because they just simply taste good

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From time to time Aldi has Choceur Belgium Dusted Truffles in a variety of flavors. Once I open a box, there’s no stopping unitl its empty.

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See’s Candys for the win!
Also, Mother’s Cookies Iced Raisin cookies.
What would drive me to such depths? Depression, from which I used to suffer terribly.

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If they were See’s bordeaux I might eat more than that.

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@prolificus Oh! I didn’t see you there!! Would you like a Pepperidge Farm Geneva cookie?? Oh Dang! I swear the bag was full a minute ago!! <<shakes the crumbs in the empty bag>>

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I’ve finished off a box of twinkees in one night because of boredom. Oh, and because I froze them.

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Not a big box like a pound, but I’ve taken care of the small Valentine box that has about five or six pieces in it. I think the candy I could eat the most at one time would be chocolate covered raisins.

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@Cruiser – HUMPH!! :(

@py_sue – Now frozen twinkies sound nummy! Adding it to the shopping list!

Besides chocolate… Vanilla wedding cake (the thick moist stuff) and pie crust are my weaknesses. Hmmm… I wonder if a dessert combining all three exists.. I’d be in soooo much trouble!!

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filmfann- Mother’s Iced Raisin were my favorites but they aren’t made any more. At least I can’t find them anywhere in NorCal. And believe me, I’ve looked.

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@AstroChuck Kellogs bought all the recipes, but hasn’t made that one yet.


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I’ve come close . But what I can’t stop eating is Salt Water taffy , especially the licorice.

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I’ve downed a pint of Ben n Jerrys. I always feel guilty after wards. I eat when I’m depressed, manic, cause I want to, whenever. But the guilt is always there. That’s why the stuff is bought sparingly.

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2 words- DUNKIN DONUTS! check out the website:

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Yes I have. I downed a medium bag of peanut butter m&ms. That had probably 9 servings of m&m’s in one bag. I felt so gross after.

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Oh no. Never. Well, a small bag of M&Ms, but not a box full of candy.

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Golly gee whillakers…this thread is chock full of my favorite Jellies of Christmas past.

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Oh hai @Cruiser ! I didn’t even realize until just now that this is an old question! Good to see someone I know. :O

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