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Any particular food cravings lately?

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 11th, 2008

I had to talk myself out of going out to buy tortilla chips and avocados (for guacamole) last night. I had plenty of groceries and, frankly, didn’t need to indulge any cravings for fat and salt. Have you had any particular cravings lately? Did you give in to them wholeheartedly? Indulge them only moderately? Or did you resist them with a will of steel?

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Good for you McBean.

I’m dying to have a home made pizza, piled high with cheese and veggies. I am using all my strength to resist. After losing 33 pounds I’m trying really hard to eat right. I have a birthday coming soon and that is going to be my bday treat.

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I actually did pop some corn tortillas into the oven to toast and had one with Trader Joe’s Pineapple Salsa. The rest are stored in a Zip-Lock bag for the next (imminent) craving (tonight?).

When’s your birthday, Carla?

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I had a funnel cake at a baseball game Saturday night. It was so good but I could already feel my body rebelling against it as I ate it. :-P Now I don’t feel the need to have another for the next 10 years.

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re: Funnel cake cravings…Thank goodness you can’t find funnel cakes on every street corner. We would all be in serious trouble.

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@Carla, may I suggest a fried pizza for your b’day? We made them this weekend. Totally extravagant but worth it.

Prepare individual pizza crusts and fry. When they are done frying, add your cheese and top with very hot sauce. The sauce and hot crust will melt the cheese. So good!

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I came to this question, not knowing if I really was craving anything or not, but thanks to Carla, I am now craving a good home-made pizza soo bad right now!

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Nachos always nachos. I have never been able to get rid of that one.

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@Bri…My son talked me into sharing a plate of nachos for lunch the other day. They were loaded with everything you could imagine – white cheese, beans, tomatos, onions, carne asada, guacamole, and sour cream. Can’t say I suffered. They were mighty tasty.

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Pizza and beer. I haven’t been able to afford either so I can’t quit thinking about it!

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Like you, I have been craving Guacamole for a very long time! I’m always craving it but somehow never think about buying all the ingredients and whatnot. Maybe I should do that today! ;)

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@McBean…..The B’day is Sept. 11th. I luv the pineapple salsa from TJ’s. BTW, even though they don’t have funnel cakes on every corner, they do sell a mix so you can make them at home.

@trudacia…Thanks, now I will have to try that. Looks like I will be spending all of Sept. 12th on the treadmill. ;(

@MooKoo… Sorry..just keep saying pizza is not my friend over and over, like a mantra LOL!

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@Carla: Why did you have to tell me about the funnel cake mix??? Now I might be tempted to make them at home :-P

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@Carla, it’s not that bad if you use olive oil…

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@Kay, sorry don’t kill the messenger.

@ trudicia , so it’s pan fried not deep fired ? I’m going to google this one for sure.

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@McBean- That is just it. They are a meal, they are a snack. They are all things.

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I was in a serious mood for a good pizza, and I mean one of those “dman thats good pizza” pizzas. Lol unfortunately I had to settle for pizza hut today. Bleck.

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Nachos sure sound good right now…

@trance- ditto, bleck.

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I am craving some pepperoni subs with pepper jack cheese

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nachos nachos yes with cheese lol

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Yes, hammer…somehow I just knew you’d be craving nachos! Can’t blame you, though.

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LOL hammer you are an open book.

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you go hamemr43!!!!

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bri L love your avatar now I want some koolaide with my meal lol

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hehehe Thanks! Your’s is cool to.

You do know the old war cry don’t you? “EAT NACHOS! DRINK COOL AID!” That is what he is yelling.

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Ooooh…Kool-Aid and nachos! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

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yes yes yes I hear the war cry lol

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hehe I see a fluther party coming on!

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CHINESE FOOOD! i eat it all the time due to cravings…

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@ amandaafoote – OOOoooooo good one!

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chinses food is great I love it and here in michigan they have all you can eat chinese places all over the state.

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I’ve been having a big craving for a dish of crab meat and shrimp rice that I had at a Thai restaurant early this month. Since tasting it’s yummy goodness, I’ve been thinking about this dish every single day.

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