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Who is joining this protest next Monday?

Asked by DarkScribe (15470points) April 22nd, 2010

I think that it could be quite and interesting day. You can bet that a lot of guys will have their cameras with them.

Ignoring the obvious “tit-illation” aspects of the protest, what do you think of this cleric with his boob obsession?

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Where do I sign up? Do I need to be a boob carrier or can I just carry some boobs around with me?

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@Axemusica Where do I sign up?

Just try not to drool too much – it gives a bad impression.

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@DarkScribe noted. {grabs a tissue}

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I wonder how Islam can be taken seriously when a senior cleric makes such ridiculous claims. I wonder how much support he has among the fundamentalist male Islamic supporters.

Of course if there is an earthquake on Monday it will be hard to explain. “Lift and separate” will have an entirely new meaning.

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@meagan Figures.

That’s what it about alright – Islamic women’s figures. The cranky old fundamentalist clerics want to hide them.

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I’m a leg man myself; call me when someone organizes a female-demeaning protest to cater to my preferences.

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Tits, cleavage, finally an area of expertise in which I can thrive.A small tremor occured in my gentlemans area i’m there already.

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To be fair and not sexist men with man boobs should be allowed to participate as well !

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I agree about the Man Boobs. Or perhaps the Man Boobs will counter act the impact of the other side. After all, they’re not as exciting. What do you think?

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Good god no, the sight of a sweaty pair of heaving “moobs” would take the shine off a wondrous ocassion.

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Down with Moobs!! Down with Moobs!

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Oh I think most of them are down, saggy spaniels ears yukky poo ;¬}

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I hope this becomes a world wide phenomenon and that women everywhere take the opportunity to exercise their right to be immodest.

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Islamic fundie clerics = sex starved misogynistic douchebags.

I’m behind these boobies 100%

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Who says women don’t have any power!

Do you suppose nudist women have harness the power to control natural disasters? We could learn so much from them!

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You all realize that it’s never the people you want to get naked that actually do at these things.

Such a protest at one time couldve been taken seriously but you know this is only going to be a Girls Gone Wild event to the guys.

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@Captain_Fantasy: That, my friend, is exactly why I’m not going to be participating.

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I think this protest is a dumb response to a dumb claim.

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