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What do you think of the new google censorship map?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21675points) April 22nd, 2010

google have now launched this new map that shows you how many times your government has asked google to censure certain things.

what do you think of the figures and general concept? and are you at all surprised that google will not publish the figures on chinese censorship?

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It’s not just the US government but all governments: we regularly receive requests from government agencies around the world

I love it.

Nope, not surprised about China. Google does not do business there.

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It is a great idea. I find it strange that the US has 123 requests, and Australia only 17, but yet the US is critical of the Australian plan to launch a national filter to deny access to certain sites (cited examples are sites that incite terror and child pornography).

I’m not at all surprised that they have not quoted the number for China, it is probably too large to display. China’s whole regime is about restriction of information to promote blind patriotism from their starving, impoverished population.

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It would be nice to know what the requests are: Political, pornographic, hate crime, pirating, terror.
Could they also include requests from individuals who have been slandered or requests from politicians who ask that a certain hate sites be removed? I can understand why the US would have quite a few.

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@worriedguy You can get a cursory glance at what the request are by double clicking on the US blue/purple bar and a menu will pop up. The biggest offender it seems was you tube and no surprise there.

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What’s up with Brazil? I thought the US would have the most requests.

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@FireMadeFlesh The reason the U.S. has so many more than most everyone else is because our government regulates what can and cannot be seen more than any other nation, worldwide. Consider that, for broadband, North Korea, blocks all but 30 websites that exclude nearly everything, except propaganda specifically to influence their population’s opinion of their government, does not regulate anywhere near the extent that the U.S. does.

And it isn’t just child pornography that runs up those numbers into the stratosphere; it’s all about the consent they gave themselves when they passed the laws making it okay to listen in on any conversation they deem a “threat” to “national security” (where have I heard that before?). It doesn’t apply only to ham radio operators and all phone conversations. It’s the internet, too…..right down to every post on every social forum in existence. Now…...what was I saying about Nancy Pelosi a few weeks ago? Oh, that’s right. I remember now. Hey, Big Brother – if you’re reading this…..I meant every word of it.

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@silverfly Be sure to read the “Overview” section under the header “Observations”. It explains why Germany and Brazil have a higher than average number of requests.

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I’ve come up with many pixilated sites, around airports and military installations, so the numbers shown don’t really relate to every ‘censored’ site.

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@YARNLADY I kinda went according to what Google had to say about it. But Im still pissed that they voted to give themselves even more power because I knew they would take it overboard, and whaddya know! They did.

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