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What religion would you call this?

Asked by Guy123123 (302points) April 22nd, 2010

I believe in god, but only sometimes. When ever something good or bad happens i blame it or thank it on god, but i dont practice any religion. Like, i dont believe in Christ but im not jewish.

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It’s not a religion, just a figure of speech.

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There are more religions out there other than christianity or judaism, that’s first but I don’t think you’re practicing any of the others.

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What is Vazhkenatism?

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How do you decide what is “good” or “bad”? Are there any things that happen that are neither? Who gets credit for those things?

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No one, I mean that the things that are substantial i will pin on god

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I would call it a step between accepting the religion you were taught as a kid and rejecting supernatural explanations.

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I think thats what it is, because i was raised christian but i never really like any of the storys because they seemed crazy

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No name, just a belief. In fact, your description is about as good as it gets.

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You made an “idol God” of your own mind which is so dangerous with eternal consequence for your sin. Many do that if they don’t wanna be accountable for their sins but in the end they will be when all is said and done.

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What do you mean its dangerous?

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@BabylonFree – he hasn’t created any kind of idol god. If anything he is doing the reverse. Just has a fundamental belief in God, but doesn’t give in to all the additional trappings of religion.

@Guy123123 – What your describing is not a single religion with some name you can use. It is simply the fundamental foundation of every religion. The proper term would be theist, which simply means you have a belief in God. Theists are anyone that believes there is a god. Atheists are anyone that believes there is no god.

The most common way people describe how you feel, is that you have a spiritual belief in God, but you aren’t really religious.

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What you’re describing is “selective indifference”. I’ll end with this from Rush’s track “Free Will”:
“You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice.
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

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You sound like an agnostic more than anything else, and a mighty uncertain one at that.

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It’s called “nothing”.

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Sounds like your just a fence strattler, it’s no real religion, you really don’t need to come up with a label to label yourself. Unless you wanna start your own religion…but ‘religion’ is stupid anyway

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Sporadically monotheist

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It’s not a religion; you simply believe that God exists.

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I’m with @thriftymaid – and I probably think along similar lines as you.

And welcome to fluther.

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these people are called “non believers”

and are often address by Mirjanna in her messages on the 2nd of each month in Medjugorje.

You can look these up on Youtube if you like.

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I don’t think its a religion. But by asking this you are a seeking to know yourself and your relationship to God which makes you a seeker.

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You seemed to be looking for a label, so I made one up for you. I don’t know why you need a label, but mine is perfect because it stands for exactly everything that you believe.

If you want a label that comes from some standard package of labels—good luck. There are probably thousands of differently labeled religions, and it’s hard to know what the differences are between many of them. Similarly, some labels are used for many different seeming religions, all grouped under the same label. It’s very confusing.

The question to me is why you need a label. Is that going to help you understand your own beliefs better?

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Of course a label is needed. That’s the first step in starting your own religion.

can’t file as a tax free non profit without a name

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Doh! How could I have not remembered that?!?

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Uncertainessidyism! LMAO

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@Guy123123 – Actually I said before that what your were describing is called theism. That’s correct but actually too broad of a term for you. Since it sounds like you believe in just one god, the proper term would be monotheist.

monotheist – person that believes there is just one God.
polytheist – person that believes in many gods. (like the Greeks and Romans)
theist – person that believes in a god or many gods.
atheist – person that does not believe in the existence of any god or gods.

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Well we know you’re not a Buddhist because you wouldn’t probably praise a Higher power for good or bad….you wouldn’t even label things that way…they just are and you would just be.
But you say you don’t really believe in a God at all. I would put you in the Atheist category fringing on agnostic with no real religious orientation. That wouldn’t make you amoral however, nor without ethics.

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Probably similar to agnostic.

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Nonreligious is what you are, but god does exist and he loves you so you should believe in him because it is the most obvious thing on earth that he exists, i mean, look around at his creation!......think about that some.

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You may be a pantheist or a deist.

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