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How do you think the Zombie Apocalypse will go down?

Asked by Axemusica (9430points) April 23rd, 2010

The more and more science advances, the more and more it seems, do me at least, that some form of Zombies might be born or unborn at some point or least it could be possible to some extent.

How do you think it would happen? A mass cure injection with drastic side effects that don’t really completely point to zombification, but still change the human race into ravenous beasts? A biological weapon gone awry, with inhuman savages that only know blood lust and nothing else? The undead rising from their tombs, slow and dumb and you kind of wonder how they’re able to stand and walk?

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I think that it will be similar to I Am Legend, where its a mutation of a disease to cure another disease. I don’t think that it will give humans superpowers like in the other movies, but i think it would be like a really bad form of rabies. Me and my cousins already have a plan of how were all gonna get together and were were gonna go (canada)

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I don’t know but I have my crowbar and am ready for anything.

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I think it will turn out that real reality is a conceit. In reality, reality is virtual reality. No one knows whether we are being programmed or if we program ourselves. In any case, rogue code escapes from some advanced lab…. or maybe hackers from around the world somehow break into the most secret of virtualities with the most secret of codes, and snatch parts of it.

They don’t know they only have a part. They think they’ve got the whole thing, so they start setting out to build a new superrace of humans that will allow them to dominate the world. Unfortunately, the missing code has to do with that that creates the essence of a human—some might call it a soul.

The real world (merely a pale reflection of the virtual world) is overrun with semi-human creatures, slobbering and limping, yet growing ever more powerful, as the bad code slowly corrupts the good code. The zombie apocalypse is imminent. Even the hackers are being converted and even thought their thinking is corrupted by the bad code, they are still able to help the bad code shore up its weaknesses.

The only thing that saves virtual reality is that there is an experimental community living in real reality. Formerly code, they were sent out into the real world just days before the escape of the zombie code as an experiment to see if reality is viable. When the virtual world is suddenly cut off from them, they know something is seriously wrong. Can they manage to find a way back into virtuality and defeat the bad code?

Stay tuned. Novel to be published in the spring of 2012. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

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I don’t know if your serious about the novel, but i would read it!

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Maybe it would go down like in the movie “The Crazies”.

I’d do what Bill Murray did and dress up like one to try and fake them out, just hopefully I don’t get shot by some idiot trigger happy kid.

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Haha, I like it @wundayatta it sounds like it could be made into a crazy Hackers + The matrix, meets some Zombie theme. I expect to see more installments. ;)

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I dunno. It’s not really my cup of tea, and if I did it, I’d have to do a lot of research. But if I had 50 GAs I think I’d be tempted to actually try.

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I hope so. I think it would be fucking awesome to have zombie’s roaming around everywhere.

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I wont know. Since I will be the first to become a zombie.

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why would you want a zombie to “go down”? wait, where do you keep your brains?!

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I know we need to become depopulated somehow, but I prefer participating in just about everythig else besides a zombie apocalypse, especially de-fertility or even geological/meteorological natural disasters would be more enjoyable than dying at the claws and teeth of a former neighbor.

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”...would be more enjoyable than dying at the claws and teeth of a former neighbor.” understood @chamelopotamus, but I think all these disasters have about the same probability. Z day would be an adventure to me, but I guess really any of them would be, since it influence a massive change in the world.

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Yeah for real we’re gonna be way better off after the disaster, whatever it is. I think we are all psychologically prepared (if not subliminally indoctrinated) for any of these disasters, we’ve seen them happen so many times on the big screen.

I think most people are jaded with what we’ve got now, and we know we deserve more, and we know its gonna be a big price to get there, and we’re kinda ready to pay it.

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I kinda like the take Zombie Land put on it. Mad cow disease, turned quickly to mad human disease… seems reasonable right? All I know is I can’t wait to bunker in and kill some mindless zombies!

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I think it will start with the misspelling of Apocalypse.

I think it will begin slowly. We will acclimate to having the non-thinking around, to the point of not noticing that they are the undead. Paris Hilton is the harbinger of Zombie Apocalypse.

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Damn it @filmfann I wish you would’ve noticed earlier. gahhh

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Some Canadians have already done the math.

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I think that a super mutated version of the cold virus caused by over-use of Purel will be to blame. Luckily, I’m pretty well prepared. ;-)

…but not as prepared as this guy

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I think it has already happened. Go walk into a high-tech company and glance into the 8×8 cubicles as you walk by. For that matter, glance into the managers’ offices. Zombification in action.

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I have some safe buildings in my area already scoped out. I think there exists a possibility of some freaky x-files secret government experiment going awry on a massive scale. As long as the damn zombies aren’t like the ones in the remake of Day of the Dead I plan to hole up with weapons and shoot heads from a safe distance. I’ve seen what happens when you hesitate.

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@Trillian, hopefully for all of us, zombies won’t behave anything like the highly-intelligent, marathon running, weapon and tool using “infected” that pervade most modern zombie flicks.

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All reality TV shows will have a signal embedded inside them that turn their viewers into zombies.

Wait, they already do that, don’t they?

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An interesting theory I read on zombies suggests that their ability to recognize, albeit primitively, certain acts of their past lives, (Using blunt weapons, learning to open doors and whatnot.) doesn’t merely have to do with the high magnitude of their instinct and what it necessitates from them…zombies are more apt to bust through doors than to ever learn how they work…but is rather a shift of brain alteration.

If you use the Solanum Virus from Max Brook’s examples, it might only awaken that part, or parts, of our brains which are constantly dormant, for example the more primitive and physical part of our survival instinct which is currently not needed due to technology and awareness. So it doesn’t turn you into anything, rather than it unlocks that part and amplifies it to gross proportions. The bite of the zombie, the virus per se, unleashes this part of us.

Of course, that’s just a theory, but speaking realistically, that would never encompass the ability to walk as a corpse, or amass high resistance to physical damage…that is if whatever part of our dormant brain IS some survival shit…most think that it’s actually something superior than we cannot currently experience.

But maybe there’s something out there that might be able to do, more or less, what I described. Brain alteration which takes hold of your entire system. If it did, it would be the closest thing to a ’‘zombie Apocalypse’’ that I can think of, you know like cro magnons munching out on neanderthals. (Minus the nervous system hijack part.)

Massive chemical spill, nuclear devastation, a new disease, or a hybrid disease…the trick would be that it has to be ’‘contagious’’, rather than an effect which alters everyone then leaves em on their own…it’s not a zombie without the ability to disturbingly spread the disorder in a relatively short time.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I hope so. Otherwise, I don’t want to play.
Did you see the movie I spoke of? The not only run, they accelerate. They climb on the ceiling for Pete’s sake. Some damn movie I saw a few years ago had them leaping like thirty feet or so, and jumping into the water after you. No thanks.

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@Trillian, The shitty Day of the Dead remake was the one where they climb on ceilings like spiders right? That’s a load of bollocks. Zombies are supposed to be slow: lurching, soulless metaphors for impending and inescapable death… not the hyperspeed acrobats birthed by the internet age of instant gratification.

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A zombie aesthetic, complete with a philosophical justification. My compliments, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard.

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@Jeruba, much obliged, ma’am!

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