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Do you ever talk to yourself out loud & does this seem to resolve any issue you may have had?

Asked by ucme (46522points) April 24th, 2010

Perhaps after a confrontation or incident of some kind, you retreat, maybe hours later you find yourself conducting a conversation with yourself.Has this ever happened to you & do you feel better or worse for doing so?

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I do it a lot. I do it when I’m walking with my dog – luckily no one else walks on our usual road. I find myself justifying my actions to people who haven’t asked and probably don’t care, so it must be me I’m trying to convince.

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@susanc At least you know someone’s listening,namely yourself.

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I do it, i think it helps to talk out loud. even if it is with myself. I find it very helpfull in resolving my issues.

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When I talk out loud to myself, I end up adding to my unresolved issues!!!!!!

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Sometimes i end up fighting with myself. lol

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I have upgraded this for myself to, “I am talking to God,” not to myself. But on the other hand, how can yourself talk to yourself ? It doesn’t make any since that you can talk to you ? Sounds like some sort of mental illness. The thing is, it only makes since if you have two entities within yourself, so it would be that your conscience self is talking to your unconscious self ?

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Yep; when you live alone you talk to yourself—out loud.

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@thriftymaid At least you can get a word in without being constantly interrupted.I can’t hear myself think sometimes, noisy house.Kids tsk!

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@ucme I wasn’t complaining. :)

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@thriftymaid Oh I know were’nt.

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Yes I do. I say I am talking to the dogs that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!

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