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Do you ever talk to yourself & if so, how does it make you feel?

Asked by ucme (50034points) September 24th, 2010

I do on a fairly regular basis. As far as I see it i’m just verbalising thoughts, that’s my excuse & by gum i’m sticking to it! Yeah, sometimes just the odd word here & there. On rare occasions I can conduct small conversations with myself. Drives the wife mad, like if she’s in another room she’ll ask who the hell i’m talking to, tsk women! The only mildly disturbing aspect thrown up by this is that if I argue with myself i’ll invariably lose!?! So anyway, your turn & as always humour is positively encouraged. “Now I thought I put that rather well. Probably won’t get many replies though, I mean…....

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Yeah, I do from time to time. But mostly in my head. I saw an article in New Scientist that said talking to yourself can make you smarter, so, carry on.

In third grade my teacher called my mom in for a meeting because I talked to myself. My mom was pretty much like, yeah so what I do it too

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Lately, yes. And, it’s been “shut the hell up and get off of this thing. Listen to what PDworkin said….”

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I do it constantly….it’s the only way i get the answer i’m looking for!

It feels perfectly normal until i get caught by someone then i feel like a proper mentalist!

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@ucme Nah don’t answer that, i’m eating!

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“Don’t you think you should write a response to @ucme‘s question, or….?”
“Nah, it’s not worth it, he probably isn’t interested in your answer.”
“Come oooon, just do it, let us see what happens.”
“Alright then, if you want it so much, go ahead.”

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@rebbel You get a GA that’s what happens.

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I do it quite a lot and feel slightly guilty about it. I may have been caught doing it once or twice I am not sure. I talk quietly to myself so I think I may have got away with it. The little green van with the men in white coats has not yet turned up but they may be keeping that in reserve for when I start imagining I hear replies.

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In my head, yes; out loud, no. My sister-in-law does this, and if I ask from the other room if she is talking to me, she says, “No…I’m just talking to the dog.” And indeed…she was.

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I always do, sometimes out loud, but mostly in my head. I call ‘consideration’ of different view points ‘talking to myself’.

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I do talk to myself in my head quite a bit (usually during commutes); and I’m embarrassed sometimes when I find that I’ve actually vocalized the thought. I’m usually pretty animated by the time it gets to that point, and then I’m looking around to see if anyone heard me. These conversations are usually “fantasy” discussions—what I’d really like to say to someone.

If I’m really, really stressed out with work projects, I find giving myself directions outloud helps me focus.

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Not out loud, or it’d look like Gollum/Smeagol in LotR. As a writer, most of my talking to “myself” comes in the form of talking to characters in my head.

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I have conversations with myself that consist of me explaining to an imaginary person my strange habit of talking to myself. I am not even kidding. Yeah, I know it’s weird. Why do you say that? What you need to understand is….

I’m so not kidding.

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I have conversations with myself on the qt all the time. If I hear myself talking out loud, I become startled and wonder how I got so carried away.
Doesn’t everyone get carried away like that from time to time though?

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@stardust I’m guessing they probably do.

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Yes, I do, and that’s not funny!
Yes, it is.
No, it’s not!

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I do all the time. Sometimes I pretend I’m talking to the dog, but I’m not fooling either of us. On occasion I find it necessary to comment out loud that I am, indeed, talking to myself.

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I talk to myself often and I laugh a lot with myself.

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Usually only in my head or a slight whisper and it’s usually when I’m stressed or have a lot to do. Things like “okay, next I’m going to do this and I’m going to tell him this…”, etc.

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I do occasionally. I am real good at talking in inanimate objects. I talked to the vacuum today and called it a SOB for not working right. I think I called it a piece of crap too.

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I talk to myself when I’m trying to figure something out or when I’ve goofed something up monumentally.

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Only in my head, never out loud (unless I’m alone in the house then I don’t care)

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