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What is the best investment (non-financial) that you have ever made?

Asked by jfos (7370points) April 27th, 2010

Excluding financial investments, e.g. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, etc., what is the best investment that you have ever made?

Is it a certain car? House? Toothbrush?

Also, why is this so?

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Digital TV/Internet…So I have something productive to learn and keep me occupied…like Fluther

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My 14 year old dog, Matilda.
Best 40 bucks I ever spent.

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it’s all that matters

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Doing the right thing has always worked for me, I’ve never had anyone dislike me.

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Having my two sons.

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The best investment I have ever made was my inner peace.

Took a life sabbatical for several years, moved to a secluded little house in the woods, studied a lot of meta physical and spiritual work, the road less traveled…friends thought me crazy.
Whats crazy is the mind fuck of the never ending rat race.
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from my bliss now! lol

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The best investment I ever made was the money I spent on therapy and work on myself.

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Vintage lenses and Bullets

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well here’s to hoping all these loans for college are actually worth it in the end…

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Without a doubt, the purchase of a neglected farmhouse on secluded acreage. Our home offers a wonderful and unique way of life and a natural wonderland for children. Serenity and nature – priceless.

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Yep, investing in personal & spiritual growth is THE best investment! ;-)

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I’d say myself, but really, it’s my best friend.

Investing in her has shown me things I’m not sure I’d have ever properly understood by myself and, for as much as I’ve invested in myself, it’s wonderful to be able to have someone to share the whole of it with.

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Music in general I enjoy it, I hope to be taking lessons again soon when I have the spare money.

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My kids, my therapist, Milo, and my house in the country with lots of land.

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Availing myself to learn about anything and everything that comes my way. Somehow I find a way to use it later. Some things are terrible and I hope I never have to use them, but I took the training anyway. Some things enhanced my wonder in the beauty of small things in this world we live on.

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I also want to say education but I’m not so sure anymore. Maybe all the books I’ve bought & read.

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Cheers to that!

Gotta leave my little forest haven and go down the hill into the belly of the monster today, but…the joy of returning home is always well worth the time I spend in crazy town. lol

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Everything else comes and goes.

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I placed two one dollar coins in a slot machine and won $2,500.00.

Not a bad return for two bucks!

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@Coloma——Yes I know the dread of leaving and the joy of returning lol

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