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Where does the last name Hummel come from?

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 30th, 2010

Part of my ancestry. Is it German or Welsh?

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You might find this interesting . . .

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To me, it sounds far more German than Welsh.

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Yeah, it doesn’t have a very Welsh vowel-to-consonant ratio.

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My grandma told me there was Welsh in the family. Now, I’m thinking Cooley. I feel silly.

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From Mr & Mrs Hummel.

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From Kurt from Glee?

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It’s definitely German.

Johann Nepomuk Hummel was a prominent Austrian composer in the early 19th century. :)

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And there is the famous Hummel pottery, founded and still residing in Germany.

Many people collect Hummel figurines.

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Thanks, everyone.

So, my Mom’s side was mostly German, so, I’ve come to learn. Beachey (Bitschy), Hummel and Kiefer. Toss in a Cooley (bit o’ Welsh). My Mom’s second cousin contacted me via Facebook. He was quite close to my grandma growing up. I just found out that he’s a priest. My Grandma was in the convent for a few years (I see why she liked him so much), then she got out of it, met my Scottish/French Grandpa (his aunts spoke Gaelic on the one side and French on the other), married him and had 8 kids.

Anyhow, Great Grandma (Hummel) and Great Grandpa Beachey went on to have 14 kids (one set of twins, and one who died in childbirth). Some very unusual names: Ida, Cyril, Hubert, Gilbert (although, the last two were more common back then, I’m sure). My great Grandpa was an accountant, and my great Grandma took care of 13 kids! Oy.

After my Grandma got out of the convent, she went onto become a school teacher, then she met my Gramps (a highball drinking, strapping lad with a curly, auburn mop). He was a bit of a wild character. She got him to go to church, though and he settled down some. Then they married and had 8 spawn.

Genealogy’s fascinating.

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@jjmah Sounds like you’re trying to make a mountain out of a hummel.

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@janbb I lurve you because you’re punny.

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Some days are punnier than others – this has been a bit of an off-week.

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Hummel is German of course like the figurines. Ironically it was a nun who the figurines were named after. Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel was approached by Goebel in the 1930’s.

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@janbb:What a tummle.

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Do you really not know what a Hummel figurine is? I thought this and the fact that they were made in Germany was common knowledge. Is this a generational thing?

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@SeventhSense: Do you know what “KIlroy was here” signifies? (Don’t cheat and Google.)There are huge generational gaps in trivial knowledge. For example, I just learned about Bad Boys 1 and 2 here at fluther. That really enriches my life.

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I’ve heard of the phrase but I don’t know what it means. I wasn’t trying to be rude. I was just surprised. I can more readily understand not knowing Lladro, Limoges, Loetz or Waterford Crystal.
As per Bad Boys well that’s just a few hours at the theater you’ll never get back. :)

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@SeventhSense: It was a funny and cheering graffiti from WW II. Here’s Kilroy. I just discovered it has its own website:

Being a young bride in the trousseau era, I know all the brands you mention above. Even less interesting than Bad Boys 1.

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For what it’s worth, I know about Kilroy. And Hummel figurines. Also, Lladro, Limoges and Waterford. (But not Loetz.) It bugs me when people assume I don’t know something because of my age. Though, to be fair, I did learn about most of those things from my grandparents.

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Bohemian Art Glass. Some of the finest Art Noveau glass was made by Loetz. Competed with Tiffany at the time… Some amazing pieces at that site if you click on glass.

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It means bumblebee.

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@mattbrowne: Gott im Hummel.

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And the “full bee” trademark is one of the oldest on the Hummels after the crown mark.

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