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What do you think about paying Mexico to house our worst criminals?

Asked by Rangie (3656points) April 30th, 2010

What would be the pros and cons, of having our worst prisioners transfered to jails in Mexico?

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Terrible idea since the Mexican government’s corruption makes ours look minor.

Besides, where to criminals on the lam go to to elude police? Mexico.
We get that service for free already.

Besides… they’re our criminals. We don’t get to schlep them off on other nations just because we can’t be bothered to clean up our own mess. That would be terribly irresponsible.

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This is taking advantage of a country in need of finances.

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Why not give the poor bastards something to do and create one of the many prisoner-game scifi scenarios from movies. Would be less barbaric than most reality television.

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Sounds good to me.

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I ask because there was talk in California to pay Mexico to house our worst criminals. I haven’t looked at all the pros and cons to even consider such a thing.

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So you are saying lets add torture to a prisoners punishment?

Or, money that Americans could use and Jobs that would be created should go to Mexico?

Since they are “our worst criminals” why not just off them. Save time and money.

Sorry, I know that is another discussion. It just sounds like having someone else do our dirty laundry.

Now I do think Mexico should get back their Mexican nationals that are prisoners. Minus a finger or two.

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@ChazMaz Did I say that?

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I am under the impression that it would cost less if we had them housed in Mexico. I am not talking about killing them. That was not my question.

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I think that would be horribly irresponsible and shortsighted of America. Sweeping dust under the carpet in exchange for long-term problems.

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Just send Mexican prisons the Mexican National Convicts that are in this country illegally.

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@Rangie – Na, you asked the question. :-)

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@WestRiverrat now that I could go for. The main problem I see with sending our prisoners to Mexico jails, is the family members would not be able to visit them. The family members did not do anything wrong and should not be punished like that.
other than that, I don’t care if they stuff them in with a mattress to sleep on the floor. Over crowding, I am sorry I have no compassion for murderers. They are lucky to get a mattress.

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I think they already harbour our worst…...

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@jazmina88 that is not what this is about. The Governor suggested this, and then I don’t know what happened after that.

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Hell somebody has to do it, might as well be them. We harbor all their illegal imagrants.

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@slick44: “We harbor all their illegal imagrants”. Please. If you’re going to go on and on about illegal immigrants, spell it the hell correctly. Secondly, and more importantly, we aren’t harboring anyone, we’re employing illegal workers to make our spinach cheaper. Read the goddamn newspaper.

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@susanc… Maybe you should read a newspaper, they are here illegally, taking our jobs. But im sure you have a smart answer for that too!

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I thought they were in the Titty Twister.

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I went googles this issue, and found that his proposal was apparently to send the many illegal aliens in our prisons back to Mexican jails. Or, we may have to let some of the criminals out all together to relieve overcrowding. I say put some bunk up the walls and stack them in there. This isn’t suppose to be a holiday. Get rid of the toys, keep the library, open mandatory schooling.

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@slick44 Didn’t know your ambition was to clean toilets or work 18 hours shifts..

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I don’t have much of an opinion on the topic, but the thoughts that came up for me are mostly positives:

- We have an overcrowding problem in American prisons (too many prisoners, not enough space), so it would be a way to house more people in less crowded conditions. No jobs would be taken away, there may perhaps be less jobs created in the US, but I do think also we’re running out of places to put new prisons. I mean, no one wants a prison in their backyard. So what are we supposed to do with all the people? The alternative is to release criminals early, but is that really a good solution?

- We throw a bone to the Mexican citizens and offer them a chance at real jobs and a real income. That is, provided that we don’t take advantage of them and pay them a reasonable living wage. This could help reduce the numbers of people illegally crossing the border for the chance of a life not living in total poverty and squalor. This is not a total solution to this problem, of course, but I feel like we could maybe help some of them, and that’s worth something.

Negatives of course are the fact that the Mexican government is full of corruption and that if prisoners were to escape, they’d likely disappear for good (seeing as that people on the run tend to head for Mexico because it’s easier to live off the grid).

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@MissAnthrope You are right they might get out and disappear for good. But, if they disappear in Mexico, so be it, as long as there is required head count by American officials as part of the program. Then we cut the pay for that prisoner. I think if they are being paid per prisoner, they are not so likely to let them escape.

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The USA would not be justified in offloading their problems on another country. What this involves is in effect banishing convicts from the country. I am sure your constitution and jurisprudence would find that legally unacceptable.

@Captain_Fantasy stated his case very well and I agree entirely with him.

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on behalf of Mexico: We have our own criminals thanks.

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@Dr_C but these are their criminals. They are non-citizens of the US.

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Exactly. We’ll take care of our criminals.. you take care of yours :)

Unless of course your question implies that all of the USA’s worst criminals are illegal immigrants and should be deported which is another can of worms I really hope you don’t open

Edit: a great majority of illegal immigrants caught in the US are deported to their country of origin ASAP. Your question focuses on the worst American criminals being housed outside the US. Sticking others with your problems is a cop-out. Not only does it not address the problem that caused the delinquency in the first place, you are shuffling it off to some one else to take care of it for you. Either way… We don’t want your criminals. We have enough trouble taking care of our own.

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@Dr_C I see where you are coming from now. You are right, my question was incomplete. I posted earlier in the thread that I googled the issue, and found that he was talking about the illegal aliens, not our citizen prisoners. I guess I had better do some googling before I post a question.:) That was my mistake, I thought that is what was proposed.

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So you think that the worst criminals in the US are illegal immigrants?

So people like Scott Peterson, the DC sniper, Ted Kaczinsky, Timothy McVeigh, the Menendez brothers, John Couey, the Zodiac Killer, the BTK strangler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, the Columbine kids and other such criminals are most likely immigrants?

What do you base this on? What kind of statistics are you looking at where you equate being in the country illegally with the worst crimes currently being committed?

Keep in mind… you question was about sending “our worst criminals” to Mexico. Does that mean that all the worst criminals in the US come from Mexico in your opinion?

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@Dr_C Yes, I know what the Q was about. and I thought I already corrected that with you in the comment just above you. How many times do you want me to apologize. I have tried to clarify this 2 times now. I will try one more time.
After doing some checking, the proposal was:
To relieve overcrowding in California prisons, he would like to send all of the illegal aliens back to Mexico, it would be cheaper to do that, than to house them here, and it would relieve overcrowding in our prisons. I respect you DrC, as we have talk at some length on occasions, so please understand that I acknowledge that I messed up my Q.

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@Rangie I wasn’t trying to make you apologize and was not attacking you in any way. I apologize if it seems so. Since I skipped through a lot of the posts on this thread (assuming a lot of them would be unpleasant) I was asking a followup. I did not see a change from worst criminals to illegal aliens and thus thought that they had been put in the same box.

If this is not the case I apologize. In fact I’ll do you one better.

This (third link in the google search) document explains the cost of deportation. If you can justify the 285 billion dollar cost and additional 922 dlls in taxes per man, woman or child deported and compare that to the actual cost of detention which is closer to 180 billion (for illegals being processed for deportation, not jail costs)… then I’d be all for the deportation in cases of criminal activity.

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@Dr_C I tried to go to your link, but it just brought me right back here. I appreciate that you took the time to look up some statistics. Perhaps that is why nothing has been done on this proposal. I have not looked up any statistics myself.
I haven’t come to any conclusion on this matter myself, as I don’t have anywhere near enough information. I thought somebody here might.

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@Rangie fixed the link.

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