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My teacher thinks I am depressed, how do I convince him otherwise?

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) May 1st, 2010

I have just been tired out and exhausted this entire week. A couple of days ago I went to see him about my work and he said I looked like I had been crying and asked me if anything was wrong. I told him I had just bombed a physics exam was all, but it sounded like a lie, and it was sort of… so he asked me again if I was depressed about anything and I told him no.

That night I fainted and cut my lip open, came into college the next day with a busted lip and the first time I saw him that day was when I was running to the infirmary in tears, he said ‘hello’, saw I was upset and awkwardly asked me if I was coming to the extra class at lunch while I was buzzing into the infirmary and I snapped at him that of course I was.

I don’t want him to worry about me as he is the only teacher I get on with and just have fun conversations with. It is nearing exam leave and I don’t want the remaining time in college to just be consisting of concerned looks from and awkward conversations with him.

I am kind of down at the moment but so is everyone my age all over the country going through the same thing. I just want to show him that I am happy and get back to our jokey, light exchanges. But I don’t know how. It would be odd if I smiled all the time and seem like I am trying too hard, but I don’t know how to not think about it and make it seem natural. I have already decided to dress sharper and be made up like I usually was before the last week rather than bare faced with scraggy t-shirts, but that’s all I can think of.

Any suggestions for ways for me to feel content enough to come across as okay? Odd question. Sorry. But I need help.

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Share exactly what you wrote here with him.

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Sounds like you may be dramatizing the situation more than is warranted. I would just tell the teacher you had a rough week and that you don’t want him to worry about you. I don’t think it will impact the relationship overmuch.

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@janbb I may be. But I always feel terribly guilty when I am upset and it puts other people in the awkward situation of having to comfort me/find out what is wrong.
It is difficult for me to get away from that and I feel like they have to step on eggshells around me.
I guess it is my neurosis. Thank you for your answer.

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You’re welcome!

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Tell him exactly what you said here, but thank him for his concern and for his letting you know that if you ever have problems, he’s willing to listen.

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I don’t believe it is your responsibility to convince him, you’ve told him you are not depressed… I appreciate that you like this teacher and do not want to offend him but it is not your responsibility to convince him, simply be as honest and open with him as you feel comfortable with and leave it at that…

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@Adagio You make a very good point there. It may put me in a worse position to try too hard to be happy/okay for his sake. I will give being relaxed about it a go, roll with the punches. If he asks me about it again, I will tell him what I have already said on here, but maybe a little less intense hehe
And if he doesn’t and we just go back to the light banter, then good :)
Thanks for your answer.

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