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In the news...Fluther Moderator questioned in Gulf rig accident?

Asked by BluRhino (1401points) May 3rd, 2010

Apparently a Fluther Moderator was seen near the Gulf rig. When questioned as to what he may have been doing, he said;“I was just trying to hold everything together, as usual”...Hmmm, coincidence, terrorist activity, or do you think these guys are moonlighting, maybe Superhero fever ..(or too much Red Bull?)

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Jellies are predators? Oh no!

Explains a few things… ;)

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Awesome. But, not as cute as Auggie.

I want to hug it.

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I think you just found the Robot Crush Award.

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I swear. It wasn’t me.

@jjmah Aw, shucks. :)

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Notice the paddle arms for grasping questioners and shaking them until the right words fall out.

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Maybe that was the vanguard of a deep sea clean up crew? You know how compulsive those mods can be about tidying up.

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@marinelife LOL! Oh my gosh that cracked me up.

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This is wonderful… Of course the jellies should be sent to the gulf. We’re all so full of answers.~

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