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Do you have a nervous habit that helps you think?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) May 4th, 2010

In the movie, “Mr. Deeds Goes To Town,” Mr. Deeds points out the nervous habits of people in the court room in the movie. He said, people do things to help them thinkā€¦ some people are o-fillers, dudlers, ear pullers, nail biters, nose twitches, knuckle crackers etc.

What is your nervous habit and are you aware of it?

How do you stop these nervous habits?

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I sometimes whistle while I work ;)
The only way to stop me is to fight me.giggles

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scratching my arms and other extremities…nothing stops it

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I have an array of “habits”... I pick my fingernails, crack my knuckes, shake my leg, ‘think’ my chin…

But when I’m really thinking, nothing helps more than looking up and to the left.

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@jfos back many many years ago, it was an old saying, “do you want to go out and shake a leg?” loll..anyway, your comment reminded me of that…

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@talljasperman haven’t seen you lately “tall-drink-of-water!”...thank you for the answer!

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my favourite used to be chewing on the end of my pen except i went to south africa in the summer to work with penguins and there was no way in hell i was going to put that pen in my mouth after cleaning up penguin guano.
i now just tend to bite my lip/fingers/toes depending on where I am! i know biting my toes is gross but i can do it and at least noone can see it compared to biting my fingernails

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@bongo, you live an interesting life. South Africa….beautiful place with wonderful weather!

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I play with my hair – twisting it around my fingers, or tap my finger nails on the desk.

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ok girls…have heard this all my life, is a woman interested in a man if she messes with her hair. Also, is there anything to a woman constantly moving their legs when they are crossed…without being too..ummm…well, you know what i mean! always heard, when she a lady doing that, she is horny?

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Fidgeting, at times. I also tend to get the usual: butterflies in my stomach.

@BoBo1946: D:

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I tend to frown if I’m reall concentrating on something. This is whether I’m alone or in a meeting or classroom. I’ve had teachers and co-workers ask what’s wrong. I laugh and tell them it’s my concentrating face. I don’t do anything to stop. It doesn’t hurt anything and it helps me, so why stop?

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@BoBo1946 Yes messing with her hair shows she is interested, but couldn’t possibly tell you about the leg movements (we have to keep some secrets) LOLL

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@partyparty loll..thank you my friend!

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Yes, unfortunately I pick my nails. I hate it, because I have really beautiful nails when they are long.

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If I’m really trying to concentrate on something I’ll stick my tongue out without realizing it until people start looking at me funny :)

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Finger and neck clicking/cracking! Drives others mad but it helps me to focus and feel relieved!

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Well I chew on my pen. Embarrassing if the pen is borrowed from the person next to me.
“No thanks…you can keep it.”

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