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Are you managing your time well enough?

Asked by TILA_ABs_NoMore (895points) May 5th, 2010

Im a single mom of 2 and I work full time. Im constantly on the go…wake up a 6 am, work out, shower, throw some clothes in the wash maybe, wake up the kids and get them dressed, take them to day care, go to work. Then during my lunch break I either go for a brisk walk to get in my cardio, or run errands (groceries, etc). Get home, cook, clean, finish laundry, dishes, etc…... Needless to say I’m a zombie by the time I put my boys to bed, although I’m STILL not satisfied with what I’ve accomplished in my day. I know Im not super mom and Im pretty sure that I couldnt possibly do more than I do, but I still go to bed feeling guilty and thinking I could have still managed my time better?!? Does anyone else have this problem. How do you deal with it? Any suggestions?!?

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I wish I did have that problem. I envy busy.

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Every now and then, during your day, stop and take a moment to appreciate what you are doing and what you’ve accomplished. It won’t get more done but it might help put into perspective what you have done and give you a better feeling about it by the day’s end.

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Make a list of what you have gotten done and trot the list out to look over when you feel guilty about not getting enough done.

Can you build some support into your life involving others? Could your Mom or other relatives help out with errands? Watch the boys? You need some relaxing time.

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@marinelife Just my sister…but I have to pay her lol. I do use her every now and again though when I have some extra cash :-)

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Stop feeling guilty and start appreciating yourself.
I am sure you are doing a good job with working, cleaning and taking care of your children.
You are achieving much and you need to start praising yourself for these achievements.

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Constantly. That’s why I’m never on Fluther anymore…

The best thing to do is accept dissociation as a coping mechanism and don’t berate yourself for it.

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@delirium Hi, nice to see you in these pages again.

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Stop feeling guilty. Take a look at everything you are getting done and feel proud that you are doing it. If you feel like there are other things you need to be doing, make a list of what you do and what you feel you need to do. Then, take a moment to realize that the dishes can wait til tomorrow, the laundry isn’t going to go anywhere, and just go outside and have some fun with you kids. There are things that are more important than your household chores sometimes. Make sure you have some time to just relax and not worry about your chores and responsibilities.

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