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Would you prefer your life was open source or closed?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) May 5th, 2010

While the terminology of the question is a bit of a technological metaphor geared toward the software developer community, it’s meant as more of a general question.

Do you prefer the freedom to choose and customize your options in life or do you prefer strict rigidity and order, having your options already decided for you which is safe and comfortable?

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Open sourced, but moderated. You wouldn’t want an irresponsible hacker planting viruses.

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Hell yes I would prefer the freedom to choose my options but I know that is unrealistic as I have to share this space with other people some of whom are a little more zealous in their desire for their own options so I am OK with a few general rules to help keep the peace while I do my thing.

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Open source.

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Well personally it depends on my mood but I think it’s for the benefit of all if we’re all open source eventually. I think the future is about us more than me.

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Open source but registration, free of course, would be required to gain access the code. Why the hell not? If an army of people are willing to tinker with lillycoyote 3.7.5, track and fix the numerous bugs and glitches and make lillycoyote 4.0 a vast improvement over the previous version in terms of productivity, user friendliness and speed, I would more than welcome the help.

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My obvious answer would be open source, but then again some of us who are not good at planning and organizing and making decisions would probably function more correctly under the closed source method, sad but true.

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Open sourced. You can’t really remove the randomness in life or prevent all the possible problems, so why would you want to limit your options in fixing it?

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Closed. Just to be ornery. But seriously, if I had a standard life, I’d probably be much happier. I’d fit in perfectly. I wouldn’t have all these existential crises, nor would I be mentally ill. Open source people just love trouble, I think.

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I would imagine that the metaphor as applied to life would have more to do with the number of people you allow yourself to have relationships with and the degree to which you allow them to change you, to “alter your code”.

The metaphor works pretty well, I think, since the benefit of open source is a net gain in effeciency/personal growth, but the problem is that one person can come along and screw everything up.

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Definitely open source type here.

I gotta be free…....

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I have absolutely nothing to hide – open.

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Open, no doubt. When I need a bit of rigidity I’ll structure it myself.

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I’d limit the number of upgrades per months.

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