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Do you think Ashley Dupre will profit from her affair with ex-govenor Spitzer?

Asked by scamp (13149points) March 13th, 2008

Why hasn’t she set her myspace page to private? Is she looking for attention/cash? will this further here signing career? Your thoughts?

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I thought this was her Myspace page.. I saw it on Reddit.

I really doubt her singing career will advance. I expect the payday will come from Playboy and Hustler. Maybe a book deal. A book she will not write.

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that first page is a fake..its obvious, in the pictures part there are a ton of pics about this whole scandal. did you make that yourself?

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@johnpowell is dead on.
She’ll get a book deal. She’ll sell her story to People or US Weekly, and get a cover. She might go on Oprah or 20/20. Playboy has probably already reached out to her. She will certainly ca$h in somehow.

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@itsnotlikethat If that page is a fake one, it has fooled the media as well as me. They used pictures from it in their reports. And no, I did not make it myself. I ran a search in myspace on her name and found it that way. It is possible she has a music myspace and a personal one as well.
I agree with johnpowell . I think she will profit from this.

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I went on her music myspace page at 8am this morning and she already had over 700,000 views just today… She’ll get her money somehow

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@scamp..honestly i dont think that should would be posting pictures up of client #9, and the tabloids and stuff. that just screams..hey look at me, i want to make money off this, i leaked this info myself.

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Whether or not I found the correct link for her myspae is not the issue here. I was asking people’s opinions about if she would profit from this. If it’s a fake myspace.. I made a mistake. Anyone can do that. Just as you mistakenly asked if I made up that page.

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how can you mistakenly ask a question? i asked you if you made it..that wasnt a was a question. and yes..she will profit off it, its already began.

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Here’s how you can make a mistake asking a question.

ooops, it happens.

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Scamp, you should be ashamed! Comitting a simple human error is absolutely inexcusable! :P

@itsnotlikethat: where the hell did you get your law degree?

And so I’m not contributing off topic, she’s already got a movie deal in the works. Hollywood wastes no time

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I know Riser! I am hanging my head in shame as we speak!! A movie deal already, huh? Wow. Hollywood does move fast! Do you know if she get arrested for prostitution? I didn’t see anything about that in print yet. If not, I wonder why .

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Playboy made her an offer yesterday afternoon. She (and her new agent!) are “weighing options”.

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