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If you were gay would you let someone 'study' you for acedemia?

Asked by alive (2933points) May 7th, 2010

If a you were a queer person and some sort of Ph.D. asked you to be a part of a study s/he was working on, would you allow your self to be studied/interviewed etc?

Would the field of study matter to you? i.e. biologist, psychologist, sociologist, philosopher, historian etc?

What if the conclusions of the study turned out to be contrary to your own personal belief? Would you try to stop it from being published?

This question isn’t only aimed at ‘straight’ people to put themselves in queer shoes, but also to the queer community. Would you say yes?

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What makes it any different? We’re still people, so our sexuality would be irrelevant. Unless that’s what the study was about.

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@Draconess25 i’m sorry, i didn’t make it clear, i do in fact mean a study about “being gay”

in other words if a biologist want to see if there was a “gay gene,” or if a sociologist wanted to study gay culture in the area you live in.

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@alive Ah. Then it depends on their ultimate motive.

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If I thought the study was meant to further understanding/acceptance of the queer community, sure. So probably nothing run/funded by right-wing Christian groups or anything like that…

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I don’t think my opinion would shed much light on the topic not being gay.

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@Draconess25 and @MacBean but usually the participants are kept in the dark about the study’s ultimate goal. because the researcher doesn’t want the results to be tainted.

@SeventhSense imagine you were gay! haha that is why i said “if you were gay”
you don’t have to like the same sex, but you could imagine if something about yourself was up for political debate

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I am a queer person and I would participate in the study provided it didn’t take too long. I’m not too interested in being in one of those 10-year-long studies. No thanks.

I don’t have any personal beliefs about the origins of homosexuality other than the fact that it’s not a choice. If you’re asking if I’d be worried someone might prove I chose something I didn’t choose, no, I’m not worried. ;)

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@alive Then I wouldn’t. Until my associates looked into it a bit more for me.

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if they were doing a “gay” study then yes,

if they were doing a “queer” study then no.

I find the term insulting.

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@DrBill insulting how?

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@alive Too inclusive. ~

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Queer has traditionally meant odd or unusual.

Gay people are just people with a certain preference, that does not make them odd or unusual.

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That’s the point. “Queer” was originally used as an insult against gay people, but it is no longer used that way. It’s been reclaimed by the LGBT community and is now a catch-all term that refers to anything other than heterosexual.

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There is so much ignorance still extant in this country that I would happily participate in studies that might abolish it.

And that includes my own. If the study is reliable and it contradicts my ‘own personal beliefs’ then I will have learned something.

I am gay, for the record.

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I probably would participate, if only to advance knowledge. I have Aspergers Syndrome and my late wife was a psychologist. My case was the topic of her Masters thesis, so I’m used to being “studied”.

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I think I should be studied. Seriously.

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I would participate, if it was a genuine psychological study and not just some religious claptrap aimed at trying to prove that homosexuality is immoral. It would also depend on whether the person conducting the study was also including bisexual and/or transsexual people – if not, I might not qualify.

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I’d do it if need be….I wouldn’t consider myself gay entirely, although I do prefer women more than men, I just go along with the mentality that love is blind, and that looks and sex isnt what matters to me, but the feeling I get when I’m around a person I’m attracted too. But anyways, I do understand the feeling of wanting the same sex, and I do believe that it isnt a choice, but a a sense of completeness with the same sex…just how a man and a woman feel that same sense of being complete when they find their true mate…I’d definitely do it if its to educate and hopefully bring some light to those who don’t understand or disagree.

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