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If there were to be a talent contest in your area, how would you impress the locals, or indeed perhaps repel?

Asked by ucme (46455points) May 8th, 2010

Have you any special little talent that could just about pass for entertainment & other than family & friends would you consider performing for an audience? I’m sticking this in social so as always be as wacky as you like if you so wish.

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Hello ello ello llo lo?

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I could read something, show ‘em how to bake a cake? My kids have talent. I can seat toilets, garden, change oil, wire your basement- nothing entertaining, sorry. What would you do?

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I would amaze the crowd with my electric guitar gymnastics while doing my best Feets of Flame rendition!

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@faye Oh i’d dazzle with my football (soccer) keepy uppy prowess.Keep that sucker up for ages.

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I would spar with any worthwhile volunteer.

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I would display an array of my best funny walks.

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I would hold a “make me laugh” contest, because I have a very atypical sense of humor. People could make a donation to charity for the right to make an attempt.

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I would wow people with my backflipping abilities. It worked at the Fashion Show and the Dance Team Show. More clapping and “woo“ing than anything else. And I did it to show off. Both times. Now that high school is over, I can admit that… :)

Oh jeez… :P

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Trick shooting? Martial arts moves? Bad guitar playing? Boring monologues? Have the rotten eggs and veggies ready…

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