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What award or personal achievement do you look back on with pride?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) October 27th, 2012

From an early age you can be given some kind of award either at school, in some sport, passing an exam with it then leading on to awards at work and in your personal life as an adult, but what is the one award or achievement that you look back on with pride most of all?

I think for me it was a football (soccer) trophy that I won when I was 12 after being voted the best player in the team for the year as it was really the first thing that I had won. It was also a trophy that had been named after my grandfather for the team (he paid for it lol) but I won it due to getting the highest scores for all of the games (marked out of 10) over the entire league. I still to this day have the trophy sitting there.

So how about you?

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I hit a grand slam home run in little league. We were down 5 to 0 when I got to the plate.

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@Adirondackwannabe I can see how you would remember doing something like that.

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I won a tap dancing dance contest in 3rd grade. The prize? A white rat named Igor. lol
I also won awards for showing horses as a younger person in western pleasure and halter classes.
I also have been awarded a heroic citizens award with a dinner by my local police dept. for rescuing a little boy from his druggy mother who was driving erratically on the highway a few years ago, and, most recently I won a photo contest with one of my pets, for ” most photogenic.” haha

When my daughter was younger we raised and showed exhibition poultry breeds, Shamo gamecocks, Olde English and chinese geese and won many awards, with one judge telling us that our white chinese goose was the best example of the breed he had seen in over 5 years. Yeah, well…showing poultry is a big deal if you’re a fancier. lol

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I ran the Volkslauf in 1996. Four and a half miles of obstacles, mud, crawling under nets, firehoses. In BDU’s and steel toe boots. Me and four other team members. We finished 3rd. I was happy to just complete the damn thing. Got a certificate and a t shirt. Still one of my most amazing accomplishments.

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My black belt in Hapkido and Tai Ching Pek Kwar Kung Fu is the personal achievement I am most proud of at this point.

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@SuperMouse Very impressive, perhaps you would like to have a little sparring match with the high kicking mules over here. lol

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Webster Sailing Association Sunfish Fleet Champion for 1972, at Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

I’m proud that I can spell the name of the lake (and say it like a native).

Disclaimer: I’m not in the video.

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I never won an award that I can remember. Also, I can’t think of an achievement. Pathetic. I know. But I prefer to look forward, not back. Nothing that happened really makes me feel pride, although it can make me feel shame. But then, I was raised to think that no accomplishment was ever enough. Nothing that I could do would ever be good enough except, perhaps, winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

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My teaching awards and nominations. I have never nominated myself (you can do that but that’s not something I would want to do) but I was nominated by my students on more than one occasion. That was very special. I was also awarded a major teaching award out of submissions from a large number of universities across my country. What made it special was that it wasn’t based on how well you can write a submission (which is a nightmare) but on a written submission plus observation by a panel of your real work over a period of time. The observation aspect makes me most proud of the achievement. You actually had to ‘walk the walk’ not just be able to ‘talk the talk’.

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In grade five, I won a piece of cake. It was awesome.

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In recent years, I’m most proud of my children’s successes rather than my own. Mom-pride is a powerful thing!

One thing I’m pretty proud of in my own right is holding Fluther together, after our whole team was hired by Twitter. We went from a 6 employee team down to just one, me. I was basically on the site almost 24 hours a day for about a week, trying to address everyone’s concerns and assure everyone that the site would go on. Not to mention, figuring out how to run it on my own, haha. Thank god for the mod team… I could never have done it without them.

When I was in high school (or maybe junior high?), I scored 100% on all 5 parts of a big achievement test we were given. I remember being really happy about that.

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I’m considered the Lance Armstrong of the Darwin awards, and I did without any blood doping!
The committee decided that the dope in my blood was a natural by-product of my brain. :-)

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I won a lot of awards in my line of business. Some were money, some were overseas trips and some were trophies. I certainly am not winning awards currently. I look back on this with surprise and fondness. Because for me, looking back I realize I was very ill for a long time, and at these times I had simply made up my mind to ‘do it’. Sometimes I wish I could think like that again, but for now I think my idea of ‘awards’ has changed! I should get one for all the leaps and bounds I have made recently. Plus the ones I am about to make. I think those awards will be unseen but just as precious.

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The first was passing the National Cycling Proficiency Test at school when I was 10. I have been cycling ever since.

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I have a dozen or so football trophies, but the best are the athletics awards because I won those races on my own, district school 800 & 1500m.

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