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Is money really the root of all evil?

Asked by john65pennington (29187points) May 9th, 2010

Its there, its paper and its green. money. some people have very little and some people are loaded. but, what about those people that “sponge” off their parents? i am talking about little Johnny that gets into debt and relys on his parents to bail him out, time after time. sooner or later, at retirement time, his parents are going to find themselves “cash poor” because of coming to the aid of little Johnny, so many times. it makes little Johnny dependent on his parents each time and drains the resources of his parents. why do some children do this and others do not? is this process an addiction, just like drugs? or, is money truly the root of all evil?

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No. People are the root of all evil. Money just gives them a tool to work with.

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it’s the LOVE OF money, not money. If it’s in the Bible, find out the verse and it’ll say “love of.” I can’t address the rest now because company’s comin!

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Aster, later and have a great day.

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There will always be those who are ‘takers’. Doesn’t matter whether it’s strangers, friends or family. Many feel obligated to give to any of the three, or sometimes all three.

The ‘takers’ do so simply because ‘they can’...children who never grow up to be self-sufficient…friends who always find a special need…strangers who always have a scheme up their sleeve.

Money isn’t the root of all evil. It’s just a means by which we use to barter. The things you mention are simply examples of bad behavior, learned probably with the help of their parents. It’s nothing new…parents supporting their children until either their money runs out or they die…has been around well, since MOTHERS.

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no. it can make things messy at times but its only “evil” if you let it come to that.

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Money is just a basic counting unit, nothing more. Its a way of equating x bottles of wine with y barrels of oil and z miles of road.

That being said, there may be some strange psychology to the fact that money can but all these things that might sway people towards more greed, but its hardly the source of greed.

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MissA, great answer and so true. i have seen children that would take the furniture out of their parents house, if they had the opportunity. these are people i call “leeches”. i dislike these type of people. i never depeneded on my parents. i always knew they would be there for me, if the time presented itself. not so, with of the children today. its like not giving a marriage a real chance. one blow up and its running back home. parents should make their children be and act like adults and take responisibility in life. thanks for your answer.

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I agree with @MissA and @john65pennington. There are people that will suck you dry if you let them and there are people that will give as much as they can and then often find ways to give more. Put these two people together and it will lead to trouble for both at some point. The taker will find that once the giver is gone, they don’t know how to support themselves and they will be lost. The giver will get worn down and probably use up their savings and end up needing someone to help them out at some point.

@john65pennington I agree that parents should make their children act like adults and take responsibility in life. I have seen a lot of discussions about it on other sites and it amazes me when people scoff at a parent who says they will charge their adult child rent or they expect their adult children to pay their own way.

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No. Greed is the root of all evil. The invention of money just made it worse. Stealing someone’s credit card is a lot easier than stealing their goats.

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No that mantle belongs to the Mother in law.

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No. And the love of money isn’t the root of all evil either. I don’t get how people actually take that seriously. Is a child molester doing what he does for money? I seriously doubt it…

Beware of the word “all”. It has no exceptions.

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No. love of money is not the “root of all evil” unless you love it “so much,” that you will do anything to get it.. We all love money, but where the “rubber meets the road,” is what means will we go too to obtain that money! Honest work…treating your fellowman right, etc is the right way…

Great examples of rich people who keep money in prospective would be, J.C. Penny, he gave 90% of his money to chartiable organization! Bill Gates, a great philantropist (have heard Microsoft plays dirty pool sometimes with competitors), but he does give away a lot of money. Some businesses refuse to open on Sunday in respect of Sunday..Chick-fil-A does not open on Sunday!

Nothing wrong with providing a great life style for your family when it done with honesty and hard work.

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@BoBo1946 True. Greed is one of the roots of all evil. The other is ignorance.

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Greed is the root of all evil.And if we didnt have money it we would probably be better off.Because everyone would have to work and noone would stay behind and the world would be better.Because they just give money to the people who dont even want to work.People have died, starved, and murderd for money.So it could be greed, it could be money.It could also be our dependancy on money. oh and @DominicX would the petafile do what he does if money couldnt bail him out, I seriously doubt it.

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Actually, there are at least seven deadly sins – those which the Bible calls unforgivable – Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Envy, Wrath (or Deceit depending on where you look).

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I don’t see how that answers my question at all. How does being bailed out relate to money as a motivation for molesting a child? Do rapists rape women for money?

Is it done for greed? You could argue that sexual gratification is a form of “greed”, I suppose.

These statements were written in exaggerated terms for effect, in order to warn people of the dangers of greed.

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@DominicX yeah sorry I’m not good at explaining.But yeah its all under greed.

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It depends on how you spend it

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@XoXoDIExOxO I think you have a good point. Money doesn’t cause evil, but greases the wheels so that evil is easier to perpetrate.

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Money isn’t anything but paper and metal. It depends on the person who uses it. Like guns.

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No. Blatant self interest is the root of all evil. Money is merely the way we satisfy our self interested nature.

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No, money is a blessing. Trade is a blessing. Just look at the life expectancy of hunters and gatherers.

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