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Do you have any special Mother's Day memories (even recent ones) you'd like to share?

Asked by Val123 (12694points) May 10th, 2010

Well, I got my mother’s day present early. On Saturday Rick bought me a shovel. ROFL!!! Yay!

From years past: My then-6-year-old daughter jumping on my bed at 6 a.m. hollering “Get up, Mom! It’s Mother’s Day and you have to get up early!!!”

Maybe that same year: My then-4-year-old son giving me a present he had carefully wrapped in newspaper (which was a common wrapping paper for us then…we usually used the funny section. If we didn’t have any, we’d try to find a news article that somehow pertained to something…”) Anyway, little bitty Chris gives me this present and he was all aglow with eager excitement and pride. “Look at the pretty ladies I found to wrap it with!” I looked…yes, they were lovely. They were also “dancers” at a men’s club called “Jezebels.” :) I have that “wrapping paper” tucked away to this day. :) :) :) :)!!

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I remember my last Mother’s Day with my surrogate mom. We made her fruit smoothies for breakfast and took her outside and gave her lots of flowers. She loved flowers. I remember how her eyes were really taking everything in. She looked intently at whatever it was she saw. Her much older sister came by and they visited together for several hours. There wasn’t a lot of talking on our parts, just all of us making sure she was comfortable and warm and that we were giving her our full attention. She died the following Saturday.

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@aprilsimnel Oh man….oh wow. At least you were able to say good bye….btw, why do you call her your “surrogate” mom?

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I haven’t known my biological mom since I was removed from her home at 4, and my guardian (who was my aunt) didn’t like me, hadn’t wanted to raise me and was very abusive towards me for a very long time. It isn’t in my best interests to maintain a relationship with her and I do not consider her my mother.

My surrogate mom, whom I met through my best friend’s mom, sensed that I needed a mother when I was a young adult and she fulfilled that role. She was a foster mother for the last 30 years of her life and knew a hurting young person who needed help and emotional support when she met one. She was just a remarkable person.

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@aprilsimnel That’s a wonderful story. I’m glad she was there to help you pick up the pieces and show you what a real loving relationship should be….I’‘m sorry for your loss.

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@aprilsimnel That is such a lovely answer, glad you had such a caring surrogate mum :-)

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A couple years ago my kids all got together and made breakfast for me which they brought in on a nice new bed tray with a pretty rose in a tiny vase. The gave me a couple really nice gifts too including having a star named after me. They all had a hand in the breakfast, which made it nice and interesting, as the youngest was about six at the time. ;-)

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My most memorable Mother’s Days were the years I was doing emergency foster care. The kids always had great fun making plaster molds of their hands to use as picture frames and give their Moms when they got back together. I took Polaroid pictures, and made little boxes to keep them in.

My kids were nearly always going to long term foster homes while their parents were in the system for drug abuse.

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My first Mother’s Day was three years ago and I’d only been a mother for just under one week. It was so precious. And my husband bought me a potted plant that year that I’ve managed to keep alive.

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For the first Mother’s Day after my stepdad left our family, I bought my mom a pair of diamond stud earrings since she’d never been given any diamonds at all. I was recently turned 17 and it was a big deal for me to be independent, working and financially able to do something like that. She’s got them still and wears them even though they’re kind of teensy. I’ll always remember how stunned she was and then how she wore them everywhere for the longest time.

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@Neizvestnaya Way cool!
Mother’s day two years ago, my then 20 and 22 year old kids regaled me with all of the stories of “Things we bet you didn’t know we did when we were teenagers!”...Uh, people. I STILL don’t want to know!

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My sister and I did that a few Thanksgiving Days ago, mom’s not been the same since. hee hee

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LOL! I did it to my Dad, too!!

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