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Fluther question game: Describe the person above/before you in 3 or less words.

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) May 10th, 2010

I’m not sure if we’ve done this before (I haven’t been around for it, I know that), but we need to. So here we go. First answerer describes me, ChocolateReigns, in 3 or less words, 2nd answerer describes the first, etc.

If you and someone else are “crafting a response”, and the other person gets done before you, backspace and describe them.

And no being mean!

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young, sensitive, caring

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cartoon lover, funny, likes books

are we supposed to describe by the profile picture or have to be acquainted with them, because im new so i dont want be evading in something people who kind of formed their own group on fluther are doing

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newby, smart, considerate

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@nyc_air That was just fine.

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funny, cold feet

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@ChocolateReigns I like the “no being mean.”

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handsome (eh he, get it? hand? um, ok, oh well)

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Interesting, Amusing, fun

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Kind, Funny, Awesome


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honest, clever, pleasant

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maternal, helpful, animal-lover (does that count as one word or two?)

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friend to the animals
lucky (see pic)

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correctly opinioned

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Informative, rational, funny.

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Smart,interesting and does a mean Jack Nicholson imitation.

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witty, sharp, artist

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sexy, intelligent, fun

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Witty, succinct, bright.

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Intelligent, helpful, insightful

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Expressive, warm, progressive.

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Genuine, Beautiful, fun

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Mysterious, interesting

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Exemplary genitalia. Rich.

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Intelligent, witty, genuine.

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Rich, smart, modest

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who, is, Lightlyseared.

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musician father Euopean

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likes, this, thread ;)

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beautiful, good friend

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vivacious, loyal, enthusiastic

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One hot momma.

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student historian enthusiast

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friendly, grandma, smart

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thoughtful, inspiring, expressive

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educated, kind, helpful

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humorous, funny, nice

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