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Asked by jenlk1207 (440points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone

So, just because I’m curious, has anyone ever been to Idyllwild, or know where it is?

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I have been in a car that drove through there. We used to live in Redlands and it wasn’t very far away.

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Idyllwild is a pretty reprieve from the dirty cities surrounding it. It is off of the 10 freeway near Redlands, Ca. It has wonderful apple farms, country stores, and a cool mountain village with a zoo and fun shops. It is definately worth a trip if you love in the area.

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Yes-in the mountains just outside of Palm Desert/San Jacinto; great public/state campgrounds, and lots of greenery…nice alternative to Angeles Crest and San Bernardino camping in that area.

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Ha ha, love in the area, how did I miss that, LIVE in the area.

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My grandparents live there so I’ve prolly spent a month or so of my life there. Mind you, we didn’t do much in the way of mountain biking, rock climbing, etc. But we always go to the video store. It seems nice enough there, I think they’re having a problem with the trees dying though.

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ditto all posts above. Very cool. Kids love it. Winter or summer, fab

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Grew up not far from there. Been camping there, hiking, Sunday drives, etc. Great place to check out. I’d recommend going to the Gastrognome restaurant for a good meal. We ate there once and, wow, good stuff.

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