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Is anyone currently in a Long Distance Relationship?

Asked by Bastion (102points) May 15th, 2010

My love and I have been online friends for two years. After getting really to know each other this last year, we finally started dating. Unfortunately, he lives in Oregon while I live in Texas. It’s been rather hard but i’ve taken it all in stride. How about you guys? Have any LDR stories? Happy endings or sad endings?

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We are only two hours distant, and for the last 8 or 9 years we have grown accustomed to seeing one another on all weekends and holidays, but in the last few months her job has made regular visits very difficult, and I find it quite trying.

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My husband and I were long distance for a while. When we started dating, we were a 3 hours drive from each other. Then, about 6 months into dating he moved away (due to the Army) and was then a 3 hour flight away. About 3 months after that, he moved again (due to the Army) and was then a 5 hour flight away. At first, we saw each other about every other weekend, sometimes more. Then once he moved away, we saw each other about every 6 weeks. We got married and spent the first 4 months of our marriage long distance because I had to finish up some schooling were I was. We are technically long distance again while he is deployed. This is the longest we’ve ever been apart.

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@Bastion my situation is the same at @dpworkin (two hours apart) and we have been dating on the weekends for a year and half, and works real well as of now!

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I am in a long distance relationship. It has it’s challenges, but it is wonderful and I would not give her up for the world. Still i think we will both be very happy when it is no longer long distance.

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nope, all failed…guess LDR isn’t my thing. However, I wouldn’t say never again to such romance. I wish you both the best :)

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I’ve been in a few LDR’s… none of them worked. The longest was 5 years, and we met in person, but he was an abusive asshole. The next longest was 4 years, but when I went on a cruise overseas I couldn’t use my phone to call him, and when I got back he said that he had been happier when I was gone and not keeping him on the phone all the time. Me and him still talk, but we both have our own families and children now, so we are just friends.

I had other LDR’s, but they were shorter and less serious.

It’s just not the thing for me. I need the physical attention, sexual satisfaction (the real thing, not phone sex or masturbation over webcam or whatever..), the socialization with my loved one, and the security of knowing that they’re not getting off the phone with me and calling their “other girlfriend”.

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i’ve had a couple of LDR and it works great for me. I dont get tied down and nobody gets too needy. You keep your independence.

The one now is 3 hours away.

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You know, I asked a similar question once. Most people said it didn’t work for them. A few success stories gave me hope. The reality is, though, it’s different for everyone. If you’re really in love and very determined to make it work, you can. If you need the physical connection and togetherness, and/or have trust issues, then it won’t. It all depends on the personalities and motivations of the people involved. Don’t rely on anecdotes, because those people aren’t you. Try it out. If it works, great; if it doesn’t, now you know. If you see yourselves being able to live together in the near future, that certainly helps! But my only advice is to test the waters yourself, and godspeed. I hope whatever you choose makes you happy.

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Well, I wasn’t really asking for help I simply wanted to hear about other people in the same situation as myself. I personally plan on making this relationship work no matter what.

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Great to hear it dood. As others said it really tests both of your wills to be together. I’m in one that recently just had an additional 3000 miles tacked onto it. We’ve had some pretty rough spots and some wonderful ones, and the memories of being together are some of the best, we’re lucky in that we get to savor every moment with our loved ones when we get the opportunity. It’s an indescribable greatness and curse; just as having a partner always close is.

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I am in a long distance relationship right now and it’s challenging, but it’s not a handicap. :)
Seems we’re in the same situation. My boyfriend and I started dating 2 years ago and shortly after he moved out of state. :(
Stay strong!

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