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Is the Pope a Direct Descendent of the Apostle Paul?

Asked by Aster (18313points) May 16th, 2010

The Pope is supposed to be a descendant of one of Jesus’ apostles. Which one and is he God’s representative on earth? (I am not Catholic).

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The pope has no relation to Paul. If there is any relation, it’s a symbolic one.

This website describes the process of choosing a new pope:

Theoretically, any male Roman Catholic can be chosen. In practice, one of the cardinals is picked. Four ballots are generally conducted each day—two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Each time an unsuccessful pair of ballots has been completed, chemicals are added to the ballot papers before they are burned in a small stove. This produces black smoke which is visible above the roof of the chapel. When the new pope has been chosen, the papers are burned with the addition of other chemicals to produce white smoke. This announces to the world that the conclave has selected the new pope.

When John Paul II passed away and Pope Benedict was chosen, there were several candidates from all over the globe. John Paul II was from Poland, Benedict XVI was from Bavaria. The apostle was from somewhere in Judea. If any of them were related, it would be an almost impossible coincidence.

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I think what you are talking about is Apostolic Succession. The basic doctrine asserts that the original 12 apostles selected and ordained bishops who then ordained bishops, etc down to the current pope. As a result, with each succession, the ordained received the spiritual power and sacramental authority conferred by the Apostles who received their respective authority directly from Jesus.

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The pope holds a political position in a very rigid hierarchy and must satisfy the wishes of an entrenched bureaucracy. Other than that, I know of no disqualifiers. Apparently it’s OK to be an antisemite, a former member of the Hitler Youth and a defender of priests who sexually abuse hundreds of children during long careers of impunity.

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To me he’s a complete failure.

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The Pope is most definitely not God’s representative on earth. That is a self proclaimed title the Catholic leaders give themselves. God says that his people, everyone who names the name of Christ and follow his teachings, are his representatives. When a person ceases to follow Christ they are no longer God’s representatives.

Just like mister Weiner. When he resigns he will cease to be a representative of his party. Actually that is why they want him to resign. Because he is no longer representing them in a good light.


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