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What can i do with friends?

Asked by jeneatha (108points) May 16th, 2010

me and my friends are always bored there is nothing to do in my town. what can we do that is fun. remember we are 15–18.

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By nothing, do you mean you live in a small town with no movie theatres, bowling allies etc.

Get a deck of cards and learn games like crib, canasta, gin rummy. Get your hands on some board games. Learn a new skill together.

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Climb on buildings.

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What do you enjoy? Are you physical? Would exercise be good anyway? Organize a long bike trip for the day on a weekend. Do you like to use your head solve puzzles? Can you think of an interactive online game that you can play on laptops together? Do you like to create? Make jewelery crafts. Start a business and sell them online. Find secondhand goods from your parents and sell them on eBay? Paint a mural on a wall in each of your rooms as a collaborative effort. The possibilities are endless.

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I used to think my town had nothing to do, until my friends and I just decided to start roaming the town. We’d hang outside at the park or around a coffee shop where local bands play.

Maybe you guys could hang out outside, there is a lot you can do outside of a house that doesn’t require money.

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yes our town has nothing, no movies, malls, cafes, bands, nothing but small parks. i like to be active and walk around but there is no where to walk to.

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LOL What are you “Children of the Corn”?

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Take turns meeting at each others house and help with a project your parents need done.
It might not be “fun” but you’d sure learn a lot.

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no we are not children of the corn. i actually live in a small town that has a couple big cities around it, but like i said we are 15–18 and most of us dont have cars. literally it is like a dead town unless you smoke weed or drink every single weekend.

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So what do you think of the posted responses? You need to get involved in the process. It’s your life.

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i think that some are good. like the trips. maybe a camping trip one weekend could be fun.

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Be grateful that you don’t live in a city with all the crime, crowding, etc. There’s lots of cool stuff you can do; archery, hiking, arson~.

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Start a little photography club with your friends. I live in the boonies and that’s what I started doing.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land That’s what we do! When we’re not climbing buildings.

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Volunteer, start something meaningful together, fundraise for a cause.

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sidewalk chalk. bubbles. board games. card games. No matter what age you are, these things are always fun.

p.s. @Simone_De_Beauvoir ‘s answer is really good as well

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biking, frisbee, longboarding (if there’s any pavement), learn a musical instrument,

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LMAO…so enjoying your answers this morning…refreshingly irreverent.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Well, I meant the 1st 2, but yeah! XD

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@Draconess25 Archery’s a great skill to master. Silent but deadly. I forgot to mention fencing, it needs proper instruction and a bit of equipment but it’s great fun.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I’ve never taken actual fencing lessons, but my brother has. And I’m better then him. Then again, I’m better then him in everything I do!

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- Start your own band.

- Play a sport.

- Go lizard/crayfish hunting.

- Go see a play/musical/entertainment.

- Learn martial arts and fight each other. Loser treats all to ice cream.

- Fly some kites.

- Bake a cake?

- Go rock climbing.

- Hackie sack.


- Watch old movies.

- Build a tree house.

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yea some of this are good but some seem so dumb.

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Play spin the bottle.

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that is so wierd. i dont play games like that. too middle school feeling. and most of us have boyfriends/girlfriends. bad game

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I give up. Now you’re boring us.

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First you need an open mind.

Scavenger hunts and costume parties can also be fun.

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There’s always the small town standbys: drinking beer in the gravel pit, shooting rats at the dump and midnight drag racing (motorcycle kind, not the Monty Python version).

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