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What do you 'get' from people a lot?

Asked by Blackberry (31897points) May 17th, 2010

You know….there’s usually one thing people tell you about yourself almost on a daily basis (especially if you meet new people). It could be some small observation like “Did you know you say ‘like’ a lot?” etc.

What is the thing that people tell you a lot? Does it annoy you or do you not care?

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When i was in 4th grade kids in my grade said i looked like Nat Wolff (a kid from a horrible nick show called the naked brothers band, and i do not expect anyone to know what i am talking about)

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They say I’m “caring”. Little do they know.

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I’m very soft spoken. I let it bother me when I was younger. As I’ve gotten older, I embrace it.

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I’m often told that I have a nice voice.

When I was about 7 or 8 other kids would frequently ask me if I was a boy or girl.

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Yesterday I Skyped with someone from Fluther for the first time and they told me that I sound way different than they imagined. I get told this often from people who have seen what I look like before we’ve had the chance to speak. I think from my pictures, people think my voice will sound softer or more high-pitched when in reality it’s a little deeper.
It doesn’t bother me when people say this, but they immedately make sure to tell me it’s deep, not manly, which I think is funny. Good way to catch themselves and be sure they won’t offend me. XD

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I get told I’m too quiet a lot by the people around here. My close friends and family would disagree though and say I never shut up. :)

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That I am a royal pain in the butt and “why do you keep deleting your account?”

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Interesting. I get the voice thing a lot as well, not the pitch though, but that it sounds strange for the way I look. I am told I’m too ‘proper’ sounding, I don’t care, although I do agree I sound funny sometimes.

Do you think we prematurely judge people in our heads before we meet or hear them? Well, not judge, but try to put a character to them beforehand? I know I do sometimes, I try not to, but it just happens subconsciously sparingly at times.

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Wow. You smell like a fucking brewery.

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“Wow, your English is really, really good.”

<—not a native speaker

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i like your glasses.

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I have these huge front choppers and people always comment on them. I don’t like it. They can go to hell and die.

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Front choppers?

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buck teeth. shup foo

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Ah. Gotcha. You said “huge” and “front” and my mind just wandered off..

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Oh I get it now…haha. XD

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I was gonna be all “pics or it never happened”, but now I’m cool, thanks XD

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Yeah, for the record I have big front teeth and I’m totally flat as a wall. Well not that bad, but I still wouldn’t brag about it. >_>


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I’m sure you’re just being modest.

Reverse psychology FTW!

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If I am it’s not intentional. Or something. Also, I like pillows. ’‘huggles one’’

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Pillows are awesome.

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Truth. It’s in your post.

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who doesnt love boobs!!!!!!!!!!!

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Boobs are even more awesome ‘cause they can double as pillows.

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oh. i thought you were actually already talking about boobs. why use a pillow when you can use boobs

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No I meant actual pillows. They’re all soft and snuggly. :D

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Wait, so now you’re talking about boobs?

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No, pillows. You know, rectangular puffy things you sleep on. :D

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Rectangular? Those are some weird boo.. erm, nevermind.

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I get coached on how to cure my shyness. Funny how many people confuse quiet with shy.

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Boobs are better than pillows because pillows can’t be boobs, but boobs can also be pillows. Just saying.

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