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What funny/weird/interesting/lunatic observation have you made recently?

Asked by rebbel (32411points) May 14th, 2012

Yesterday I witnessed this strange phenomenon (as I did several times before that): me and my girlfriend were in bed, in the spooning position, when one of our stomachs started rumbling (from being hungry).
Weird thing was; we both couldn’t determine whose stomach it was that made that sound.
Isn’t that weird, you would expect that humans could feel any movement that goes on in their own body, but we both could not.
Do you have a weird/funny/interesting/etc. observation that you made recently?

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Whenever I try to be serious, everyone laughs
Whenever I try to be funny, no one laughs

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I don’t know if it’s interesting, but it is an observation, although most likely one that many have made already.

Aliens in movies and television. They’re often very much the same, that is; a lot more technologically advanced than we are. They have huge spaceships, gadgets, they are more cognizant in their senses, and of those beings inferior to them, in all known means, and beyond.

They’re always naked. Aliens never wear clothes. They never speak, but instead communicate through sounds which we would register as grunts, screeching and the like. They all look the same. Unlike human beings, an alien race never seems to have physical variation to represent them.
Many times, they are also very agile, fast and strong.

I don’t really get why super smart and evolved aliens with uber ass technology pretty much act like monsters, or at least have the physical qualities of them. This isn’t something I mind or have anything against; but it is an observation which I’ve made.

Of course there are exceptions. Races in Star Trek are much closer to humans in many ways. Xenomorphs have no known technology they use or create, and act like ants, from what I may gather. I’m sure there are plenty of other different types of aliens, I’m not a big sifi buff at all. But the super intelligent naked alien we can’t directly communicate with seems to be a returning concept, again and again. This is besides the skinny gray alien with a big head and eyes, which seems to be a stereotypical portrayal of the popular alien, rather than something that’s actually used a lot in entertainment. Then again X-Files may beg to differ. Never really watched those.

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So many people are so afraid of being abnormal, and yet, it seems to me that only crazy people are truly interesting. What’s funny, is that now I that I have a diagnosis, I feel free to be as crazy as I want to be, and that, oddly enough, makes me much more acceptable. Who knew? Had I stopped trying to hold it all in lo those many years ago, maybe I never would have gotten in so much trouble. Trying to be normal was the worst thing I ever could have done.

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Some of my nicest, most available and sweetest friends have mental illness. (And I wrote that before reading @wundayatta‘s post!)

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That no matter how great the differences are between me and the other billions of human beings out there…we ALL defecate disgusting shit. Lol.

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Next time you’re in the shower, try this:

Position yourself so that the spray of the shower is on your face. Now give yourself a brisk slap on your cheek. You’ll find that the thin layer of water on your cheek actually dissipates most of the force of the slap. Try it again, a little harder now that you know it won’t hurt.

Thanks @rebbel ! I thought I’d never get a chance to share that observation!

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@mazingerz88 Man, it’s so impossible to argue with you. :)

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@Symbeline Lol. I just don’t know what’s happening to me lately. I just started hating looking at these things and just knowing it’s down there yah know-? I flush every time I drop big. Water conservationists would hate me! Boy, do I have a condition! Sorry. The OP said weird, right?

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@thorninmud If I ever decide to substitute up for off in the “beating myself ___ in the shower” department, I’ll give that a try. :-)

As to funny/weird/interesting/lunatic (not necessairly in that order) things I’ve said recently, this just happened.

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As wily as squirrels can be at many things, like raiding a bird feeder, they are absolute idiots when it comes to attempting to cross a road when a car is passing by. They see the vehicle, often turn back, and then change their mind and dash across in front of it. It is a mystery to me.

@rebbel The SO and I have experienced the same phenomenon. You are not alone.

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I haven’t really made any funny/weird/interesting observations lately, I don’t think, and my lunatic observations, I find, are better kept to myself.

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Not all mental illness is innocuous, sweet or entertaining. Cleaning out data on the PC, I discovered what my autistic step-son’s taste in porn is. Someone is going to have to have a VERY serious talk with him.

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@cazzie Getting off on a fantasy does not mean someone wants to get off that way in reality.

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@wundayatta I realise that. He is very autistic and his behaviour has recently become erratic, withdrawn, impatient etc… He can’t tell the ‘real world’ from the world he creates for himself 90% of the time, so, you can judge, after you’ve spent 10 years raising him, mmmmK? He also, recently, became amazingly proficient at karate and is now almost 6 feet tall.

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@cazzie Does he treat the real world as if it were a fantasy world? Like, do you think he is out of touch with reality? Do you more evidence suggesting he might harm others—particularly women?

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Yes. He harms people because he doesn’t realise that touching someone in a certain way hurts. He thinks everything is like it is in the cartoons. He will smack his father in the head at the dinner table to show him something ‘funny’ he saw on TV or the Internet that day, or he will take something and hit someone with it like in a cartoon, making the sound effects himself. I have seen him get in a ‘wrestling match’ with his mother where he doesn’t stop when she says stop and she gets into a huge panic and his big brother (his big half brother who is 10 years older again) has to grab him.

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How do you protect people with those problems from getting into trouble?

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@wundayatta… He is currently undergoing an evaluation from the hospital, but they don’t know yet about the pornography. There was talk a few weeks ago, when he was completely out of control, about committing him. Time will tell. He looked absolutely horrible this past weekend when he was with us. He ate just fine, but he is so thin and couldn’t even manage to shave his face. He is spitting all the time because he won’t swallow his spit now. He won’t talk and won’t look his father in the eye, which is a HUGE step backward, because he worked really HARD on that and now it is like he doesn’t even care.

He will talk to the professionals and we are really hoping they can help. He is very much like any kid. He tests to see how much of a ‘walk over’ you are and then behaves accordingly. If he knows that he can trick you into getting his way and not have to do anything he doesn’t want to do, that is what he does. These ‘do gooders’ that enter the profession of special needs kids don’t know what hit them when he starts them running in circles. Before they know what happened, HE is running the show. It is shocking to watch, but right now, we have no alternative but to hand it over to the professionals and hope that they are better than the ninnies we have had at the respective schools.

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@cazzie best of luck there. I shall be inane and say you’ve got your hand full because honestly, I have no clue what it must be like.

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Nah, nothing strange ever happens to me, which is unfortunate. I always had an interest in the paranormal.

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