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What makes some soft drinks have a stronger "fizz" than others?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) May 19th, 2010

I have drank just about every soft drink made. some, have a stronger fizz, than others. some contain their fizz longer, than others. the leader in the fizz department is Coke’s Diet Caffeine-Free Cola. the fizz lasts all day with the can open. why is this? do some contain a stronger amount of carbonation in their carbonated water or do the ingredients reduce the amount of fizz? maybe, the lack of sugar or sucrose in Diet Caffeine-Free Coke is the answer. Question: what makes the difference in the amount of fizz that one canned soda has over another?

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I would love to know. Have you found that Pepsi is the worst for fizz? Pepsi goes flat after about the first opening of a 2 liter. even a single serve bottle from the vending machine is typically flat before I can finish it.

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The bottom line is more CO2.

Carbonation comes from forcing CO2 into the liquid under pressure. When the pressure is released the CO2 becomes a gas again. That’s what makes the bubbles.

More CO2 = more fizz

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Well John, I haven’t noticed, but I did read that the caffeine-free drinks lose the carbonation faster. Your experience is contrary to that. I have noticed that the last 20% of a two-liter bottle of soda is always thrown away because it is flat.

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