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Mid-day/early afternoon sleepies, why do we get them and when is the worst time for you?

Asked by Jude (32112points) May 19th, 2010

It’s almost 2 in the p.m. here and I’m barely keeping my eyes open (I’m on my break). A fresh pot of freshly ground is brewing as I type.

What is your worst time of the day (for the sleepies)?

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I find it incredibly scary that I knew this question was from you @jjmah before even reading the poster’s name! I have got to get a life!

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@janbb What gave it away? :)

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This is it for me, too. I’m usually begging my children to take a nap so I can, too.

I read once that there used to be no lunch in some western European countries. No meal between breakfast and supper. Then, afternoon tea was born. People would take afternoon naps because they were low on energy. What they really needed was some pb & j! I don’t have a source for this- I have no idea where I read it. So, maybe try an energetic snack or something. You know, on top of the coffee. Resisting the afternoon nap is like wrestling an alligator for me.

Also, do you drink lots of water? I bet you’re a lots-of-water-drinking kind of gal.

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It hits me around… NOW! :-)

When I don’t get a good night sleep and I eat lunch. I get sleepy.

If I sleep good. Have breakfast and nosh during the day. I do not have that problem.
And, when I do. I am so happy to have a couch in my office.

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@jjmah I’ll tell you when I get up from my nap!

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I get really sleepy this time of day too! Between 2:00 and 3:00, I could easily take a nap. It doesn’t seem to matter how well I sleep the night before, although it is worse on days (like today) when something made my day start earlier than usual.

If I keep moving and stay busy, the sleepiness doesn’t hit me. It’s only if I sit down to read or watch TV that my eyelids refuse to stay open. If the kids are at school and I try to take a nap, I can’t even relax enough to sleep. I just have strange, tense dreams and wake up every 15 minutes. I combat the sleepies with coffee. Lots of coffee.

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I have never been a napper, just don’t come out of the groggy zone if I do.

Once in a great while if it is a stormy day and I am not feeling well maybe.

I am pretty high energy most of the time.

My thing is dozing off during an evening movie these days..pisses me off to no end,

Settle in, get all comfy and pass out about 45 minutes into the dvd, wake up, movies over and stagger off to bed. It can take me two days to watch a movies sometimes…grrrrrr

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It’s raining right now and the drops on the roof are saying “Sleep, sleep, sleep”. I feel a need to do what I’m told right now.
Of course, I work tonight so I don’t need to feel like a slug for taking a few z’s now. ;-)

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I never get the daytime sleepies unless I’m actually ill. Once I do fall asleep I sleep like a corpse, and will be out for hours.

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It’s my food that puts me into coma, like my whole system goes into overdrive to digest and all else is autopilot. I make myself move around, keep sipping water and it usually passes before an hour is up.

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Oh, I hate that! I try to eat a well-balanced snack with some light protein, and drink lots of water, when that happens. Coffee doesn’t even work at that point.

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I don’t get them anymore, but I did when I worked in an office all day. Best thing for me was to go outside and walk for a few minutes.

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@janbb: I knew it was from @jjmah because it was mentioned on FB.

I blame the full tummy, too. I have often said that we should have siesta-time built into our schedules; but then they’d probably make us stay longer, so that isn’t a great idea.

I bet it has something to do with the energy being consumed by the digestive process followed by a drop in blood sugar once it has been digested. The answer is probably to eat smaller portions and relatively high protein to maintain blood sugar levels.

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Yes, true. That’s why I fall asleep watching a movie after dinner. lol

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I sleep until I wake up, and I go to bed when I get dozy. I don’t have any sleepy times during the day.

I have heard that a well balanced diet, plenty of water, exercise and sleep will help. Maybe you should check with your doctor to get some tips and ideas and rule out any medical issues.

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Siesta time. My meds kick in bigtime about mid-day. This last tuesday, I woke from my afternoon crash to find the house empty and all the lights out. It was dark and my watch said 3:00. I assumed I had missed my evening meds so I took ‘em. HUGE Mistake!! It was only 3 in the afternoon. I was a hurting cowboy until bedtime and I did sleep pretty good. Mommy (the wife unit) is surely not going to let me forget.

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