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Incorrect usage of "draconian"; does it irritate you too?

Asked by whiteroseman (301points) May 22nd, 2010

It has started to really annoy me when I hear words or phrases which are incorrect or out of context. Draconian is my current bug-bear, but it a close run thing with decimate as well. Am I becoming a curmudgeon? I find myself getting angry with the radio/TV and have already written to the BBC to get them to impose some discipline, or at least understanding of the meaning of these words.

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The word you were looking for is “annoy”, not “irritate”.

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In what ways do you hear it misused?

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Writing to the BBC is a clear indication that you are definitely becoming a curmudgeon. I would see your GP immediately; otherwise Draconian measures may have to be taken.

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Reminds me of how some dude wrote to Game Informer about how massively multilayer online role playing game was an incorrect term and how nobody gives a shit… even if massively wouldn’t pertain to the audience rather than the material, which is instead defined by ’‘online’’.


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It’s annoying, but not as annoying as the interchangeable use of “communist” and “dictatorial.”

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The changing of word meaning is part of the evolution of a language, its best just to sit back and enjoy, because you will never stop it.

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I’d like examples of how the BBC has misused the word draconian.

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