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What does this sentence mean?

Asked by ZoeDecker (151points) June 25th, 2015 from iPhone

“it doesn’t say anything about you besides that you’re an ideal beyond his reach, in most people’s opinions”

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You’re too good for him?

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It means, that most people consider the subject as being “too good” for him to reach out for, or even attempt. But nothing else about the subject. And it does not say the reason the subject is an ideal beyond his reach has to do with beauty, brains, wit, success or morals.

And it does not say if he considers the subject as someone to be friends with but never attempt to get in a serious relationship, or if he ignores the subject’s presence, or if he mopes around feeling “less-than” but always hopeful.

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It means that you are out of his league. You are on a pedistle.

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What @bossob said, and if someone said that to or about me, I’d just laugh at the stupidity, not to mention mangled syntax, of the statement.

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Yep. That’s just an overly complicated way to say “You’re way out of his league”

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He doesn’t “get” you.

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To me it says whatever has been said has no baring on the fact he believes he cannot win your hear, and to do so would be a wild dream he has.

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Sorry but it doesn’t make much sense at all without context.

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”’re an ideal beyond his reach…”
He’s beneath you, not worthy of your attention.

Honestly, we need to know if you insulted the young man, or he insulted you.

(Go with the highest GA scores above.)

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Surrounding context (and perhaps some back story) is needed to properly parse the sentence.

One interpretation could be “frankly, you deserve someone better.”

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