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Is there software that you can call from, for example a PHP script, to translate languages?

Asked by HungryGuy (16014points) May 22nd, 2010

For example, a user has indicated on his preferences that his native language is Spanish. Is there software that can automatically translate the text on the web page from English to Spanish, and also translate what he types in a text box from Spanish into English before storing it in the database (I realise that it won’t be perfect, and the user will have to realise that, too)?

Likewise, French, German, and Italian? How about Chinese and Japanese, though I gather they’d be even more difficult due to the different character sets.

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Thanks! That’s close to what I need. But I wonder if it can translate user input in a text box before storing it on the database?

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If you’re using AJAX, you can most likely make the translation whenever you’d like. For example, you could have the form request the translation upon submission and then set the page up to store the response in the database… whenever it’s received that is.

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