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Where can I find songs like this?

Asked by Steve_A (5125points) May 25th, 2010

The original version is Light of Aidan – Lament but they had a “darker” version in this trailer but apparently that is the only other version made.Which was for that trailer….(included drums,bag pipes, deeper/heavier tone of voice)

Anyone recommend me songs like that? The “darker” version that is.


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I know a good rap song with some intense bagpipage ( yes i just made that up ) it’s called : Irish Eyes and its by Paradigm. Um but maybe you can throw the song title or artist into and maybe they can find something for you

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@CrazyRedHead Guess I will try Pandora, I googled them and and tried youtube for the song but can’t find it?

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@Steve_A sorry spelled the bands name wrong, here’s the link though Link—>

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@CrazyRedHead Ah ok, thanks.Not exactly what I was looking for but I don’t mind :)

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I thought it might not be, but that you might want to try it out

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I would recommend Eluveitie. They’re Celtic folk metal with melodic death metal influences, but they have some of the most amazing instruments: bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, tin whistles, etc. It’s probably not exactly like the song you posted, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

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