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Need the good thesis statement for the topic?

Asked by freak91 (3points) May 26th, 2010

the positive and negative effects of social networking sites

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- Loss of privacy and private life by publicising private information, stories, pictures.

- Social networking sites sell this to other companies for profit, without your express permission. Facebook is especially malevolent in that regard.

- Potential and current employers can use this site to dig up dirt about you and refuse to hire you/will fire you, based on that information obtained by social networking sites.

- Potential criminals can scout out your behaviour and plan their crimes against you accordingly.

-You make life easy for hostile, both domestic and foreign, intelligence agencies and spy groups, to obtain information about you.

-People you don’t know, or people from the past that you know but don’t like can find you and start to harrass you.

But hey, you can satiate your desire for self-publication and self-aggrandisement, so it is all worth it, right?

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